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Journal Journal: Sorry about that

Not sure what the hostility was with that last one. I apologize. I sincerely hope that the posts in this journal move down the page in cronological order.

Not sure if I should be doing this, but we'll just see where we go from here.

It snowed a shit ton while I was away, all in 48 hrs.

Oh crap, I forgot to call the folks to let them know we survived the drive from the airport.


Chit chat.

Too much talking. It hurts. Everything is freaking loud today. My ipod was dead when I went to use it on the plane so I got to listen to some incredibly loud old guys behind me. The older of the two was using a Sirius portable thing, and started shouting out football scores like the entire plane gave a shit.

Oh, and the Thomas the Train, and good ol' Nemo on the laptop. I think the kid needs her own so dad can watch something more adult (tsk, tsk) on the plane. Maybe one of those cheapo dvd lcd players.

So on the subject of technology, the DirecTv service has been out for several days. I have a feeling the snow and ridiculous cold have caused some hiccups with the dish, either too much snow in the trees above us or ice in the big multiswitch on the dish or something else.

Thinking about springing for a HDTiVo this XMAS. Wondering if that is stupid with MPEG4 right around the corner. I think they're in the 500 dollar range nowadays.

Anyway, if you have an opinion on that I'd love to hear it.

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