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Comment Re:YES!! (Score 1) 252

Even if that fell under "free speech", you are completely free to design and even BUILD a car without that stuff. What you can't do is drive it on public roads with other drivers.

Applying the car analogy back to the current topic: perhaps Apple can create an unhackable iPhone, but would they be allowed to let it emit radio signals?
The radio spectrum, like most roads, is public property.

If congress passes a law that says all phones have to be crackable, then the answer is no. Until there is a law or regulation on the books somewhere that dictates that FCC compliance and licensure requires some means of access by the State, Apple is free to sell an "un-crackable" phone.

Comment Re:Good, finally some common sense in copyright la (Score 4, Insightful) 174

It's not being ignored, nor is it being stolen. A company makes software that allows people to do format shifting. In the US, format shifting is legal under the DMCA. What's not legal is selling the software to do it.

Antigua does not have such an obvious contradiction in their legal system. The software is legal where it is produced, it is legal to use for it's intended purpose. Hollywood doesn't like that because they have to actually find and sue people who are actually infringing on their works rather than just banning a technology. They also don't like it because if there is software available to perform format shifting, you (as a consumer) aren't forced to buy a digital copy if you've already bought a DVD.

Just because the US entertainment industry would like the entire world to drop and suck, doesn't mean that the wold's legal system should comply.

Comment Re:You actually did (Score 2) 337

And which "competing systems" would you have them teach? Economics isn't a course on various forms of government, they were teaching you how the system you lived under actually operates.

We don't actually live in a purely capitalist society. Patents & copyrights are embedded into our constitution and are anti capitalist in that they create a monopoly based on the force of law rather than a free market.

Utility monopolies in areas - ie cable, telephone, power ... again quasi socialist concepts - the state own a monopoly on the right of way and sells it. The populous has little to no input and the leases are essentially as long as the company exists.

Emergency medicine is absolutely not a free market item - nobody does research and decides which hospital to go to for their heart attack based on cost/benefit ratios.

Even back to the 1700 & 1800s, there have been consumer protection laws in effect that curtail the ability of businesses to market and sell products - thankfully we no longer have lollipops flavored with horse piss.

Comment Re:Marketing costs? Do me a favor (Score 2) 305

Advertising a drug? How pointless. You're not going to take it unless prescribed anyway, and then you just ask for the generic version by defaiut, so what does advertising get them? Nothing.

Quick question... exactly what color is the sky on your planet?
Follow up question .... do unicorns really fart rainbows?

  1. Sexy woman poses for the camera.
  2. Offers a stiffer dick.
  3. Thousands of idiots rush to their Dr demanding pill of the week.
  4. $$$$

If you don't believe it, just think how effective SPAM is - and we KNOW whatever junk is being peddled by random emails is junk, but people buy shit from the places paying SPAMers by the truckload.

Comment Re:Worthy of consideration (Score 1) 305

Actually, until the 70s, it was illegal for drug companies to advertise prescription drugs directly to consumers. Not because that allowed them to keep the drug costs high, but because it keeps stupid people from seeing a drug advertised on the television and running to their doctor for it.

Most countries have rules in place that forbid this, and it would actually keep costs DOWN. Right now, drug companies spend 2-3X as much on their advertising as they do on research (which is the actual cost center they claim makes drugs so expensive.)

Comment Re:The cure (Score 1) 588

Fortunately I have patented a cure for this affliction (AKA Electrodamper) consisting of a large plastic box with a heavy battery, a switch and blue LED light. All the sufferer has to do is to flip the switch to build a bubble of electro-protection around themselves - relief should be immediate

Hah, Mine is better, it produces both 2.4 & 5GHz fields with wave cancelling effects. That way, ONLY WIFI signals are blocked.

Comment Re:Worst summary ever (Score 1) 55

You might want to rethink that statement. In most places, the property will be sold at auction after 90 days. If the person is not found guilty, or wins the case to have their property returned - in the case of property seized without charges, then they will be refunded the proceeds minus impoundment fees and auction fees. (IE usually you owe the government for the privilege of them taking your stuff)

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