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Comment Re:jscript (Score 2, Informative) 505

You might want to look at TypeScript if you're already using Visual Studio. It infers types, type checks your code, is open source, and supports writing plain JavaScript. When using Visual Studio, you can do the things you're used to doing like "go to definition" and "find all references". If you decide to annotate your definitions with types, it can do type checking and catch errors which is really useful when you need to refactor a lot of code. The video at the bottom of is a really good tutorial. It compiles to JavaScript and accepts plain JavaScript so you can use it without having to rewrite all your code.

Comment Re:Great Service (Score 1) 135

It looks like the standard account for limits you to only 7 aliases. I use tuffmail which is a similar service but they give everyone with a paid account unlimited aliases. Another thing that looks worrisome with is that there seem to be bandwidth and polling quotas.

Comment Re:Hacking? (Score 1) 102

I wouldn't necessarily call it default passwords. I believe I was one of the people victim to this. I have an asterisk PBX setup for my parents at their house so they could call me for free. One of the problems I think with asterisk is that the flag "allowguest" is set to true by default which means random computers on the internet can connect to your box and try to call out. (I also made the mistake of allowing the default dialplan to have a way to dial out on this computer). I noticed this a few weeks prior when bots had been randomly connecting to me and tried to place outgoing calls. I promptly found the 'feature' and turned it off on my computer and I was planning to do the same on my parents box. Unfortunately I forgot about doing it and about a week ago I noticed that I had a lot of calls had been placed to cell phones in the Philippines. It easily ate through the $60 I had in my prepaid account until I had realized what had happened.

Comment Re:CALL VERIZON INSTEAD OF THE NEWS!!! (Score 1) 1654

Have you ever tried calling verizon tech support? I can't blame her for that. They just pass you around to different divisions of people that can't help you. First you talk to tech support. "Oh, your TV isn't displaying that channel? That's a billing issue, let me get you their number". After on hold for 20 minutes, "Oh that channel doesn't work, that's a tech support issue not a billing issue." After 20 minutes again, "Oh I can't access your account because it's classified as a business account (even though you live in an apartment). We only do residential accounts and the business lines are closed today"

I've had variations on the above conversation with verizon support on multiple occasions. Usually you just get disconnected or hung up on after being on hold or someone has to transfer you to another center where the process starts over again.

Comment Re:Ouch (Score 4, Interesting) 849

It seems they're taking the "protect the children" route. That will probably help their odds of getting it passed. But one can only wonder how long it takes before something like this (if passed) would lead over into the virtual world, like how the protect act ( was able to convict someone to 20 years in prison for having cartoons which depict underage-looking girls engaging in sexual acts (

Comment My vote for most ergonomic keyboard (Score 1) 523

...the Kinesis contour keyboard ( I have about three of these and they're really comfortable. My arms reach straight out so the wrists don't have to bend out awkwardly, the keys are aligned vertically, the backspace/ctrl/alt/del/enter keys are right under my thumbs so my pinky doesn't get stretched out of place, and they have dvorak/qwerty switchable models... They are expensive at $300+ usd but if you spend all day on a computer like me I'm not sure why you would want to live with a $20 keyboard.

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