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Journal Journal: The Physics of Racing

Want to improve your racing skills (real or virtual)? Then you'll need to at least skim through the Physics of Racing. This guide will help introduce you to such concepts as cornering (slow in, fast out), traction, weight transfer, braking, and more, all the while explaining just why certain strategies are better than others. Highly recommended.

The Physics of Racing


Journal Journal: Interesting study on student debt (Canada)

I came across this the other day.

Key findings:

  • Student aid assumptions about expenditures may be too low Students average about $1,200 each month in living costs and expenditures. This is approximately 20% higher than the current assumptions built into the need assessment formulas relied upon by government student aid programs.
  • Education is the greatest cost a student faces The greatest cost faced by all students is tuition and education-related fees (24%), followed by accommodation (15%), transportation (12%), food (11%) and debt payments (8%).
  • Students receiving family support are no better off from month to month but end up with less student debt Students who need to own a car must work more to pay for it
  • Older students accumulate substantially large debts, and a large proportion of this debt is private
  • Eighty-nine per cent of students aged 26 or older have government debt, private debt, or both, with an average value of $20,500. Sixty per cent of students in this age bracket have government debt averaging $18,700, while 43% have private debt averaging $13,300.

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