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Journal Journal: No mod points?

Very strange. Like clockwork each week for many months were the mod points. Now two weeks with none. Am I being singled out for my odd views? In this place? (Unlikely in the extreme.) Guess this is my /. vacation time.
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Journal Journal: eMusic = cutouts

Someone managed to grab a great TLD like "eMusic." Too bad they couldn't get connected to the major labels in a major way. After the (minor) media launch, they might want to reconsider their dot-com marketing plan.

If you're looking for stuff which didn't sell well, they've got it @ US$0.25 per.

If in the unlikely event you want my opinion, they should have auctioned off the TLD last year to Amazon or Microsoft. (Apple did/does not need it.)

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Journal Journal: Custom-made music video DVDs

Online resources like and, most especially, allow you view many music videos but the quality is seriously lacking when compared to broadcast quality. The same goes with other short material like TV Shows and commercials (like the funny ones broadcast during the Super Bowl -- these can seem even funnier years later).

What I would like to see is a web-based on-demand DVD compilation service where a user can select from short content material and have these items rendered to DVD for a reasonable fee. Imagine iTunes combined with Netflix.

Wouldn't you pay 10 or 20 dollars for a permanent, high-quality collection of you favorite music videos and other shorts? With the automatic clearing of IP between services and copyright holders, this shouldn't be too hard to arrange.

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