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Journal Journal: i hate slashdot

seriously, slashdot is gay..."excessive bad posting"...

it's a good thing i don't really care what anybody else has to say

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Journal Journal: somebody hates me, who gives a shit

My karma just went from terrible, and I think somebody went through my messages and modded down everything in reference to the "In tech savvy korea, X is for the elderly."

Although it takes longer to write, it contains more information than "In Korea, X is for old people."

Tech-savvy was one of the words used in the newsbrief, and I found it had a certain ring to it. Besides being a silly word that sounded fun, it made sure to specify that the sentence was not necessarily referring to all of Korea, but it could be.

Along a similar line of thinking, I thought the word elderly fit better with tech-savvy. Looking back, I don't think too highly of my original rephrasing -- "In Korea, X is for the elderly." (This post ignited the controversy and, should the phrase survive, would be one of its rightful parents, not that anyone would care.)

My original intention was to make the statement remind people of the Soviet Russia "joke", which is why I bothered adding a word before Korea at all.

Clearly, my enlightened opinion is way ahead of its time, and my wittiness is completely lost on the bulk of you morons.

I still stand by my assertion, and, regardless of the outcome, am confident history will prove that I am a far better writer than a bunch of computer programmers.

Thanks to whomever took it upon themselves point out my high UID and mod my comments down in an effort to make sure that I knew my place here. You seem to know yours all too well. (Hint hint sad and lonely IT guy crammed in a cubicle and pissed off that he's going to lose his job in the next 15 years.)

Have fun reading dupes and writing awesome posts. /slashdot experience

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