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Comment Re:So, if Apple "rolled out a patch" for this ... (Score 1) 43

From the article:

Apple has been aware of the vulnerabilities in iMessage since November, when the JHU researchers reported them privately. The company has fixed the issues in recent iOS releases.

So yes, you're right: "Apple patches serious flaws in iMessage crypto" would have made a better headline, but, you know, it's Slashdot. If it's not a click-baity headline chock full of Slashtard trigger words, nobody would comment. Or even read TFS.

What's even better is that this news is LITERALLY 5 months old - OS X 10.11.4, which contained this fix (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206167), was released on March 21, 2016. The summary and the article make it sound like Apple's been sitting on this stuff for a year. In actuality, rolling out the security patch took them about 4 months, start to finish. Not the 9 months TFA and TFS imply.

And in related news - my comment is more informative than both Slashdot and "OnTheWire" were able to be. As a software engineer, I have zero qualifications or training to be a reporter. Yet I managed to provide more factual information in this discussion than the "reporters" did with their "reporting." At what point did we stop expecting even rudimentary fact checking and accuracy in our "News"?

There aren't any standards left in journalism these days. The "News" is scripted entertainment. Facts are sometimes reported when they fit into the script.

Comment Re:alternately: (Score 3, Insightful) 492

Absolutely correct! Several cities/urban centers around the county have artificially inflated housing prices because they are restricting new housing developments. This is part of the tenets of preventing "Urban Sprawl". Maybe Google could add Google Condos/Flats/Apartments to their campus? Hmm, well that would require Government approval too.

Comment Literally YES! (Score 1) 645

It's legitimate to remind people of the enemy we are up against. Too many people think these terrorists are just disgruntled oppressed people that are otherwise good and decent. That is the furthest thing from the truth. This segment is Islam needs to be eradicated. The rest of Islam lives in fear of these terrorists groups.

Comment Minnesota's Fat Bottom Girls (Score 1) 234

I live in Minnesota, the land of Winter Snow and Ice. We have 8 months (9 really) of wonderful glorious winter!

In Saint Paul, MN we celebrate winter with a Winter Carnival, Torch light parades, ice sculptures and occasionally an Ice Castle!

Don't get me wrong, Minnesnowta does have summer too! Last year it fell on a weekend and everyone was happy about that.

All I'm saying is if Fat Bottom Girl's make the world go around then Minnesota is spinning like a top. So this story about the cold making us thinner can't be true. Just say'n.

Stay Calm and put another log on the fire!

Comment We don't know the cause yet (Score 1) 1198

Until an autopsy is done there is no way to know if/why a vein burst. It may or may not have anything to do with the lethal injection drugs. The rush to judgment over the drugs is simply a knee jerk reaction by those opposed to the death penalty. It's also worth asking why we have a shortage of the tested drugs. Is it not sue to the anti-death penalty groups harassing drug companies? So they created this problem because they didn't think that some other method would be tried.

Comment Re:Neat (Score 1) 217

The only woods worth splitting are hard woods like birch and oak etc for heating a home. Thus they are easy to split. (Hint: If you've never swung an axe, birch wood splits apart really easy when its about -20F outside.) I never split pine or other woods such as cottonwood because their value in heating was limited. Pine causes creosote build up really fast. Cottonwood burns up too fast to be as effective in heating a home.

Comment Re:Neat (Score 1) 217

I grew up splitting wood to heat our home. LOTS OF DAMN WOOD! The only really innovative thing I see here is the chopping block with tire to hold the log being split in place. That is something I wish I had thought of 30 years ago. This axe design is something I've seen before and it's not new. There have been offset head axe designs before for jobs like squaring a log into a timber beam etc.

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