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Comment Is it really that bad? (Score 5, Insightful) 279

OK, so $27.45 * 24 months is $658.80, that's $109.80 more expensive than the unlocked iPhone by itself. AppleCare+ is included, that's $99, so that brings the leasing premium down to $10.80 over the course of two years in Apple's pocket for financing the hardware. And then, halfway through the 24-month financing period, you get an upgrade to the latest device. Sounds legit to me, and a much better deal than carriers are offering.

If you purchased outright each year, you'd spend $648 the first year, $648 the second year, but get back approx. $300 for selling your previous-gen iPhone, bringing the total hardware cost over 2 years to $996.

This program also puts a whole lot more power into the hands of the consumer, as they are unlocked and can be used on any network. If more and more people are using unlocked phones, we might actually see some real competition in the wireless industry when it comes to things like customer service.

Comment Cinelerra or Creative Cloud (Score 3, Insightful) 163

The first one that springs to mind is Cinelerra:


There's also the Community Version of Cinelerra:


Honestly though no open-source solution is going to come CLOSE to Premiere. And since you can get Creative Cloud for $50/month, it isn't THAT big of an expenditure up-front, and if you're making money from the editing (and, if you're looking at a Premiere-level video editing platform, I would hope this would be something you're monetizing) $50/month isn't much to get all the tools you'd need for editing, compositing, graphic design, etc etc etc.

So, yeah, my suggestion is to find a way to afford $50/month for Creative Cloud, and barring that, check out Cinelerra.

Comment Re:lots of land, no line (Score -1, Offtopic) 245

Totally off topic, but has anyone here ever had a friend that they really enjoyed hanging out with, but they have a bad habit of interrupting everyone all the time no matter what and talk and talk and talk and never let anyone else finish their thoughts before butting in?

What did you do? I've tried slapping him on the nose with a newspaper and it just makes him mad.

Comment Re:Why.... (Score 0) 543

No, Apple missed that boat, they KNOW they missed that boat, they don't want to GET on that boat, and it's because they're killing the PC and replacing it with the iPad (which businesses are eating up).

As soon as iOS5 removes the need for a PC, expect the iPad to accelerate it's genocide of the "normal" computer we're all used to.

Comment VERIFICATION PLEASE?! (Score 1) 267

Look, I title my WiFi networks weird things all the time, just because I know strangers will see it and be confused. Some are great wordplay, some are simply bizarre non-sequitors, some of them are downright disgusting, and some are deliberately misleading.

My hunch is that this network is NOT that of an actual FBI surveillance van, but the product of a fun-loving person setting up their router.

That said, it would be pretty simple to use wifi sniffing tools to pinpoint the source of the signal and actually, you know, VERIFY this absurd claim.

I mean, the feds are stupid, but I don't think they're THAT stupid.

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