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Journal Journal: OK, I guess I need a journal entry

"My" journal would have to be about "me" and I don't really want to write about that topic. Anything I write that would be of much interest would address some topic other than myself, and of course I write that way all the time on /. only not here.

Oh alright, here is something about me. I am well over 40, I have been doing technology work since I was 18. I have actually submitted punched cards containing FORTRAN code to a campus IT facility to process, and that was the best anyone could do at the time. I probably helped invent the Internet, but I can't actually point to anything I did at the time. I was just there. You know what I mean.

I really am a practicing warlock. Balances the forces in my life in a way I really need. You do technology work in a serious way for a long time then you too will become a witch. When you do, have fun. And the ritualized sex is great.

See you in the threads.

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