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Journal Journal: nh

What about asian girls :P

(Check out his user page for more info)

Hao Wu's Ex-GF

^ ^
    O ============8

For the record, I pretty much only fuck asian girls. Most of them are not very experienced (Do guys always fall asleep after they orgasm?), they're tight, and *most* can help you with your calculus homework. I am brown. Indian to be precise. Punjabi to be exact. You might not be able to appreciate just how hard it is to get in an Asian girls pants, because you're not brown. It sucks (in this aspect.) I know that secretly all asian guys prefer white girls (or guys) over asians, but they are missing the fuck out.

Get over that bitch that cheated on you, from personal experience, asian bitches are the least likely to cheat on you, provided you do provide some financial support. To remedy this, find a rich asian girl. I prefer Taiwanese girls, sexy, rich, smart, lacking personality/friends. A great combination.

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