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Journal Journal: Windows 7 download limiter?

I just installed firefox and started downloading my audio drivers for vista (I am actually running Windows 7 build 6956). It is downloading at 10k/s. Meanwhile IE8 downloading from the same site downloads at 100k/s. This is not a coincidence. I tested it with several other sites and it does the same thing. There are two possiblities here. One: Microsoft implemented a download speed limiter for all non-IE browsers. Two: Firefox is way slower than IE8. I can safely cross the 2nd off the list after running 6801. With 6956 it is almost always 50-100k slower with FF than IE. I hope to God that this is not what I think it is.

Journal Journal: Slow, yet Fast

I could have told you <URL: >this</URL> a month ago when I finished downloading Windows 7. I installed it in a VM in which I had accidentally left the RAM and GFXRAM settings to the default 512 and 8MB, respectively. And it <em>still</em> ran faster than XP! Yeah. Build 6801 (what I tested) was indeed <b>that fast.</b> It was actually faster than Arch until I built my own kernel and stripped down some old crud that I was running. It almost seems like blasphemy to say that, but it's true. My point? Two actually: 1) ZDNet is slow, and 2) Windows 7 is fast.

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