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Comment Re:Name? (Score 2) 388

One fellow did this to me three times in the same week. The first two times I merely changed the password and deactivated the account with a quickness. When it happened a third time, I figured I'd teach him a lesson. I let him add all his high-school friends, family and co-workers at the ice-cream parlor over the next week or two, then changed the password, Goatse'd his profile, and sent notices out to all of them. "If little Johnny Junior would like a Facebook account, tell him to get his own. This one is attached to my email address.". I let it sink in for a couple days before putting the kibosh on it.

Johnny's dad was amused and sent me an apology. It seems that Johnny Senior had signed up for a super-spammy dating site with my email address some years ago and I'd Goatse'd his profile in response.

Comment Re:Declared underweight? (Score 1) 361

They do operate on the honor system, basically.

When the port (or a railroad) accepts the container, it comes with a shipper certified weight attached to it in the computer. In rare cases the railroad or port will 'fudge' the weight closer to reality, reweigh it, or hold it for inspection. I'd say if you had a slightly overweight container you could get away with it 99.99% of the time.

Comment Scavenging.. (Score 2) 212

I had to support a manufacturing company 15 years ago that was using (at the time) 15-20 year old gear. I did it by scavenging and making it myself. Robot needs a new SSDD floppy drive? Flea market Commodore. RAM in the Soviet S100 clone going bad? Take apart a broken synth. Winchester drive controller going tits up? Drive around and look at all the junk bins of every computer shop in the county. Need to move a bit of kit but now the non-standard 45-pin cable is too short? Clip the ends off and Radio Shack them to RS-232. I also swapped a lot of gear around; The DOS machine that was used to program one robot was gradually upgraded from an 8088 machine to a 486 as I stole parts from it to keep the CP/M-86 one running.

The other thing I did a lot of was preventative maintenance. Blow out the dust, check the power supply, clean the disc drive, make sure everything is well seated. Switches got lubed, cables checked for faults, and media replaced.

Comment Re:Something It Isn't (Score 1) 775

I've done jobs that required me to carry a non-camera phone. Simply proving that the camera was non-functional was good enough to keep my shiny smart-phone. Remove the back panel, apply a bit of electrical tape between the camera module and the external cover and Bob's your uncle.

The worst I ever had to do was take apart the vendor firmware and replace the camera binary with another application, then fudge a checksum somewhere and document the entire process. That company was super paranoid, but it saved me carrying a WinCE PDA, Palm PDA, three cables and a dumb-phone, plus chargers for each of them.

Just wipe the camera APK in a provable way and tell them to shove off.

Classic Games (Games)

Capcom Remastering DuckTales Game 94

jones_supa writes "Many Slashdotters are probably aware of the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System platformer classic DuckTales (video, designed around the Disney cartoon series. Capcom announced today at their PAX East panel that they are resurrecting the beloved game. Developed by Wayforward and Capcom, DuckTales: Remastered is something of a remake based on the original version. The embedded video shows some solid back-to-basics platformer action. The game will be out this summer for Xbox Live, PSN, and Wii U."

Comment Multi-pronged approach is best.. (Score 1) 348

Only one form of spicy is wrong. Take the noodles I had for lunch, which had a diced serrano, a fat pinch of smoked jalapeno powder, and two squirts of chili oil in 'em.

Or my standard scrambled egg recipe, which stars white and black pepper, chipotle peppers (roughly chopped), and habanero peppers (finely chopped). Toss them on a plate with hash browns, add salt and tabasco. Mmmmmm!

Comment Re:Remember (Score 4, Insightful) 631

Clarkson and May were both automotive print journalists and reviewers/presenters on the old, more serious 'Top Gear', and Hammond was a professional radio and TV host, including a stint on 'Motor Week'.

In addition, they're all giant children.

So yes, they're all experts at what they do; Talk about cars and act like children on television.

Comment Re:I'd better not be able to... (Score 1) 218

I saw a lot of that at one job, though I can't blame HR or management. I know IT was being CC'd on firings/layoffs/etc, they just never did anything about it.

One employee quit to pursue a college degree. When he returned three years later, his uid/pass still worked. Another, a friend of mine, supplied me with his user/pass on the way to retirement; It worked five years later, and probably still works now, ten years on.

Comment Re:A better PC health idea (Score 3, Insightful) 413

They've seen the horrible uptake numbers from Vista continue with Windows 7.

Step 1. Convince everyone to get behind the idea of black-holing insecure or infected machines.
Step 2. End support for all versions of Windows other than the current.
Step 3. Wait for a new remote vulnerability in older versions.
Step 4. Refuse to patch the issue.
Step 5. Profit as everyone either has to buy a new PC or a newer operating system to access the internet.

Just think about it. Something like two thirds of machines running a Microsoft operating system are still running the end-of-life Windows XP.

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