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Comment Re:We need to stop this crap (Score 1) 781

Eh, "master/slave" has been controversial for some time. I worked on a team with a master/slave product, and it always made me uncomfortable. Master/servant would be better, but a dominant replacement takes hold, no one knows what you're talking about when you say master/servant.. I, personally, would like to see the terminology master/slave replaced, and I am not a politically correct person whatsoever. There is a line, and "slave" is over the line. The mainstream media isn't talking about it, but there aren't a ton of black people in high-tech either. And, American slavery was one of humanities greatest evils. "Bro" is nowhere near the line.

Comment Re:Give me a raise (Score 2) 327

Your comment presupposes that managers are somehow worthy of more pay by virtue of their position. I've worked enough jobs to know that this is just not universally true. I see no reason why holacracy can't still have organizers and leaders without a permanent division between management and non-management. I've known plenty of "leadership level" people who don't contribute much and could be eliminated without pain for anyone else. Do they really deserve more than the true workhorse(s) of the team, who have difficulty getting promoted, because their shoes are hard to fill? I think not.

Comment Re:Profit (Score 1) 324

"But this raises the question of what purpose is served by Apple amassing more money anyhow."

Fundamental misunderstanding of how the world works.

I'm afraid the misunderstanding is yours. The point is that there is very little strategic purpose for Apple to amass more cash, especially at the expense of its (arguably more valuable) reputation.

Comment Re:Revoked the keys, but is this still exploitable (Score 1, Interesting) 67

if you disconnect the machine from the internet, or otherwise block the connection to the server that provides revocation information, will the Windows system still see an executable signed with the revoked key as valid?

Yes, that is exactly how it works. To give an example of how weak this security control is, Google Chrome no longer even bothers, ignoring revocation lists completely.

Comment Re:uh no (Score 2) 1291

You screw up your life, there's consequences.

What you fail to understand is that there are consequences for everyone. So, the entire middle class has to pay for a sluggish middle class because we want to teach a lesson to a flawed human? If a poor person gets $20K a year, almost all of that ends up in the economy (much of it in the local economy). If a rich personal gets $20K extra a year, that's most likely just going to buy more Phillip Morris or Comcast stock. You'd cut off your nose to spite your face!

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