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Comment Re: "Destroy ing innovation" (Score 1) 390

I'm sure there are plenty of persons capable of driving a car without having a driver's licence, but I still prefer having such a regulation in place... Not all regulations are good, but abolishing regulations blindly is no panacea either. And in the case of Net Neutrality, the pros definitely outweighs the cons.

Comment Re:Not a loophole, that's reality (Score 1) 59

Coach class being downgraded is a far too sad reality these days though. A lot of airlines are introducing "light" versions of their coach class -- with even less service than normal, but instead of dropping the prices for that category, they position it where coach used to be and market the old coach as plus, extra or similar.

Then again, they're still a lot better than scum such as Ryanair...

Comment Re:none cipher? (Score 1) 75

You might still want to connect safely, then have the communication in clear text. When transferring say, 64GB of photos to your NAS, you might not care that much whether someone can eavesdrop on the transfer itself, but it'd suck to give away your password.

Though what with the typical "security" of consumer NAS devices, I guess there are enough security vulnerabilities to make cleartext passwords mostly irrelevant anyway.

Comment Re:Modularity (Score 1) 80

Any sensible distribution contains Qt already, meaning that you don't need to (and shouldn't) bundle Qt with you app. Those 38MB might seem a lot, but if you spread that out over all apps that use Qt (and factor in all non-Qt apps that also uses icu, which nowadays is almost everything) it's basically background noise.

Comment Re:Isn't that the point of inspections? (Score 3, Interesting) 126

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that you won't intend to ever flying on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, considering that they even had several issues that made it *past* testing? I seem to recall Airbus also having some issues. Furthermore I'm guessing you won't use any Apple, Dell, Sony, or Lenovo -- those are the ones I remember, I bet there are more -- laptops either. Their exploding batteries made it past testing.

All projects have issues. That's why you have reviews, testing, redesign, more reviews, more testing, and for anything that needs high reliability, lots and lots of fail-safes. For some products, where liability is low, companies don't care too much about this. Not so here though. The test process worked properly; the fact that the valves either weren't according to spec, or that the spec wasn't resilient enough, was identified. The problem will be fixed, things will be reviewed and tested again, against the new spec or component.

A nuclear power plant that gets delayed because of safety-related improvements feels a lot better than one that's finished on time. In one case you know that they at least took the safety issues seriously. In the other case you're left wondering whether everything was perfect to begin with, or if they just ignored possible issues.

Comment Re:Libgen (Score 2) 138

The self-published authors would hardly be represented by TPA, right? TPA says "writers need to be paid and publishers need to be able to continue to innovate and invest in new talent and material." -- IOW sure, the authors might suffer, but the important thing is that we can shaft them for money. I mean seriously, what are those "innovations" that the publishers have come up with? e-books? Nope. Self-publish solutions? Nope. Oh, I know -- sales bolstered by the self-feedback effect of bestseller lists, DRM on e-books, and insane regulations for libraries that makes it so expensive to lend e-books that most of them still offer only paper books, even though it should be obvious that e-books would be an ideal solution for libraries.

Of all the authors of e-books I've read, only 3-4 have been self-published (one of them being Cory Doctorow, but he has a regular publisher too); two of them publish using sites where people can pay either before (how much do you anticipate this book?) or after (what did you think the book was worth?).

Face it, the old type of publishers don't really serve much of a purpose in the world of e-books, just like the old type of record companies don't really serve much of a purpose in the world of digital music sales. Lucky for them they have the ear of the governments and don't need to worry about catching up with reality...

Comment Re:Thanks to reader sleepypsycho for the poll idea (Score 2) 169

There's an option whether or not to post with Karma bonus. I always disable Karma bonus. I imagine Timothy does likewise.

There's no reason to scream... My reasoning goes that just because I've managed to get Score: 5 a few times in the past and by and large avoided to be modded down doesn't mean that the posts I make now or in the future deserve a higher default score.

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