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Journal Journal: Fun times

Although its the holidays, I decided to go into work today, to check things out with the computers. Each night, our server runs housekeeping, which just merges the database updates done through the day into the master file.

Well, after it does that, it calls up our laptop, and replicates the databases there as well, so therefore, we should have two copies of the data - one on our server, that is used by all the libraries, and one on our laptop, which is used on the bookbus.

Basically, its f*cking up.

Its not doing what it should. I went into work today to check the laptop, and suprise suprise, I checked our testing record, and found that although on the server, the fines had been removed, they hadn't on the laptop, so we still have a problem.

This really is a problem, because we are the only library, using this particular software, in this configuration. Twice a guy from Auckland (and one from Melbourne - we are in Southland NZ), have come trying to fix it. No Luck.

Maybe in the New Year ...of 2006/2007

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