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Journal Journal: Slashdot left wing loonies 1

I have a karma that's considered "Terrible".

I'm actually a nice guy, I'm sure we'd get along if you met me.

So, why do I have a "Terrible" karma ?

I'll tell you why.

I'm right of center politically speaking, and your average teenage slashdot reader / commenter / moderator is far left of center and incapable of distinguishing between valid, right of center commentary and "trolling".

With my current "karma" level I'm only allowed to post twice in 24 hours, presumably because my views are so awful that people must be protected.
If I'd said we need to stop the Radical Islam guy from screeching his "kill the westerners" rubbish in the streets of the UK, then I'm restricting his right to free speech.

My astute commentary is restricted, however, because some virgin spotty little teenage script kiddie has difficulty differentiating his asshole from his elbow and armed with 5 moderator points that are burning a hole through his pocket goddamn it, he's going to make a difference !

It doesn't take too many "-1 troll" with 100 replies to get you a "terrible" karma.

The irony is that these little pearls of wisdom that form the bulk of the replies, and my "terrible karma" are often :

"Subject : There's no polite way to say this."
"Body: Fuck you !"

So, I come back twice a day and post my often unwelcome, real world comments.

I've discovered that the little "hot buttons" on Slashdot are usually geared around "free music" (I imagine they all have EDonkey or some other random file share program running in the background), Politics (don't mention Bush !), or Religion.

Just to be clear, he's my view on those subjects.

Peer to peer commercial music sharing is theft, you should go to jail.

The government should be able to listen to terrorists, and I don't believe these folks are US citizens (probably temporary visitors), and no, they are not interested in your idle "wasssssup" chat with your roommates.

It IS a war of religion. The sooner you realize this the better. I'm atheist, I think Christians are just as bad.

You are not guaranteed a job, health coverage or any other thing. Go work in McDonalds if you need money.

Illegal aliens should be booted out, not given drivers licenses and their kids should not be allowed in our schools. A new visa class should be created to allow them back in to do the jobs Americans don't want, or can't be bothered to do.

You may not agree with my views, but they are EQUALLY as valid as your own, I'm open to constructive debate, but not the kid in his basement who has A.D.D, sandals and built his own computer rather than spending the extra $100 for a professional machine.

So, what to do about my Karma ?

I just couldn't care less, I'm happy that my twice daily tirades of truth are annoying some blinkered puss ridden fuck tard teenager enough to blow his wad of moderator points on me.

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