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Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 655

It's not a religious issue, but it's the same process that allows people to accept religion, to "believe". That's why it's mostly the same people, and why it's so hard to shake them from their beliefs - because that's all it is, a belief. And just as "science" doesn't matter to some religious believers, science doesn't matter to climate change deniers.

Comment Re:Legal (Score 1) 211

Why do you think you have to "Agree" everytime you do an update?

But the woman's lawsuit claims she wouldn't have bought the device if she'd known that while using it, the manufacturer "would monitor, collect and transmit her usage information."

News flash, lady: There are few phone apps that don't collect personal information on you, and try to hide that fact by burying it behind a wall of legalese. Always assume that's the primary purpose of any new app.

Comment Re:Cold hard... (Score 1) 212

Cash? Ever heard of it? You can exchange goods and services for it, and i cant be easily tracked digitally unless they scan each bill.

I believe the OP means "over the internet". Obviously, if you walk into a store with cash, you're relatively anonymous, (discounting security cameras, of course). The OP seems to live in the UK or EU where anonymous, pre-paid debit cards have been discontinued.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 0) 76

One consistent thing I've noticed about people who call others "stupid" is that they very often are making the very mistake they're calling out. And if not that, their post will be full of grammatical, logical, and/or spelling mistakes. I have a theory about that, but unfortunately, I have to get to work right now.

Comment Re:Turkey is due for some DEMOCRACY (Score 1) 103

Look, I don't support the takeover of Palestine, nor the ethnic cleansing that went on there, but Jews are different than Lutherans, and most other religions, in that they're not simply a religion. If not for anti-Semitism, they'd likely be happily living in Europe, (and probably would have been fully assimilated a long time ago). No doubt you've heard of the Nazi genocide? While two wrongs don't make a right, it's understandable that they'd want to pick up and leave after that. Unfortunately, they let their choice of location be guided by religion. Not that there's really anyplace on Earth you can go without displacing the people already there. The history of the World is one of constant migration and genocide.

Comment Re:Just Give Up (Score 1) 33

That's right. Language prescriptivists always lose. It's simply the way language works. The French have been trying to encase their language in amber for some decades now, with little success. You may as well try to teach young people that "vinyl" is only used as a collective noun for records. They'll still say, "I bought a vinyl" or, "I have a bunch of vinyls", as retarded as that sounds to older people. "Hacker", and all other words, mean what the speaker intends them to mean, and what people understand them to mean.

Comment Re:Comcast can go suck a... (Score 1) 182

Are you implying that forcing ISPs to terminate at a "COLO facility managed by the local municipality" is a "free enterprise" solution? How would you do that without regulations? That a city-owned facility which stands between customer and ISP is "having the Government get out of the way"? Are you being sarcastic? I mean, I like your idea, but that third paragraph, unless you're trying to be funny, is almost a non-sequitur. Sorry, it's not always easy to tell.

Comment Re:Nothing New ... (Score 2) 182

... so it's really closer to $50 per month to not be spied upon.

I'm paying $50 per year not to be spied on. I shouldn't have to pay anything, of course, but I can trust my VPN a lot more than I could ever trust my ISP. And, supposedly, my encrypted traffic is disguised as regular ol' HTTP traffic by using XOR, (I admit, I haven''t done the research), so unless they take a "deeper" look, they don't even know I'm using a VPN. Comcast is taking advantage of the ignorance of the average user. It's essentially a protection racket.

Comcast: "You need to pay us to protect you."
Customer: "Who are you protecting me from?"
Comcast: "Us."

Comment Re:2016: The Year of Linux on the Desktop (Score 1) 207

To be honest, though... this smells a lot like some trumped-up nonsense.

Of course it is. How would they even do that? The fact is, with digital, there's always a way around it. When people want something, they find a way to get it. It's how torrents came into being. If they ever found a way to make torrenting really difficult, someone would come up with an even better way.

Here's the other thing I wonder - when did Google go from being a search engine, to being in charge of the internet?

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 1) 447

I'm a huge believer that police often overstep boundaries, but no, that is exactly what they should not have done.

Why were they even at her door with a "bench warrant stemm[ing] from charges during a March 10 stop, including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest"? Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest are the charges they throw at you when they've got nothing on you. Yet, they're at her door with a warrant for these misdemeanor charges? There was child inside, too. They should've tried to de-escalate. Why was it so important to turn off her live feed? Because trolls were egging her on? I don't think so. Something is fishy about this whole thing.

Comment Re:Wah! (Score 1) 407

The term troll is actually derived from a fishing troll, because it lures people in. It has nothing to do with the actual fictional monster that is a troll.

Absolutely true. Unfortunately, trolling has become much less like the fisherman troller, cleverly luring the fish in, and much more like the asshole living under the bridge. Trolling ain't what it used to be, and hasn't been for a long time. Perhaps, at least in part, because of people's misunderstanding of the term's derivation.

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