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Comment Re:Here's my suggestion, if YT happens to see it (Score 1) 159

Yeah, it's really annoying to always have to remember to turn off Autoplay and Annotations for every video you watch. But, as far as I can tell, it seems most web sites enjoy annoying the shit out of their users. Most web sites are unusable on my phone, with all this crap popping out of top and bottom, leaving you a tiny window to read through. And in my browser, I fucking hate all the shit popping out from all sides, the overlays begging for my email address, as if I need more junk in my inbox, and all the other crap you get which is every bit as annoying as ads. Visiting a modern web site, even with ad-blocking enabled, is like trying to read a book while a bunch of little kids are all taking turns trying to get your attention.

Comment Re:ads on youtube (Score 1) 159

I never see ads on Youtube or get videos that refuse to play with an ad-blocker enabled.

Haven't seen that problem either, (I'm using Ad Block for YouTube, amongst other plug-ins), but I often come across sites that beg me to disable my ad blocking software. Sometimes I do, but more often that not, the site then doesn't seem to recognize that I've disabled ad blocking. That's ok, though. I can live without most of these commercial web sites.
I realize we'll never have the internet of 1998 again, but perhaps if everybody used ad blockers, we'd see some improvement? Of course, it's always amazed me that people will sit and watch television, with its endless commercials, and pay good money for the privilege. So, perhaps there are people who aren't bothered much by commercials? Is that possible?

Comment Re:Oops I did it again (Score 1) 73

Yeah, couldn't agree more. The promise of Netflix was that, like their movie rental business, you'd have access to virtually every movie, (and TV show), ever made, but instead of waiting for a DVD to come through the mail, streamed instantly over the internet. But, oh no, the studios would not allow that! They seemed content to spend their time whining about "piracy". Meanwhile, the people found a way around their intransigence.

I have Netflix, and finally, after many months of waiting, HBO-Go for PS4. But I'm not going to pay for every streaming app out there so I can get that one show they each have. It's annoying enough to have to switch between three apps, (Netflix, HBO-Go, and Plex). Whatever HBO and Netflix don't have, I am happy to torrent. Also, good on Netflix for saying "fuck 'em" and producing their own content.

Comment Re:Upon reflection... (Score 1) 75

The problem is that he did not realize that Hawaii is a place where normal rule of law is not really obeyed, or it is ignored depending on if you are a certain color/race, and you cannot depend on your rights being upheld because you'll get yelled at for antagonising other certain colors/races -- which you cannot defend against out loud because it's politically incorrect.

Right. He didn't understand that the "normal rule of law" that he's used to was imposed upon a culture with an entirely different view of property. Sadly, this is still causing problems for the conquerers since, on the whole, they've become a little more aware of these things. But now, the environment may once again become more conducive to cultural imperialism.

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 308

You can keep prices high only when you don't sell much. But if you don't sell much, you will never recover the capital expense of retrieving the asteroid.

Don't worry. No one is retrieving any asteroids. Meanwhile, DeBeers has control over the buying and selling of almost all diamonds, which is why they're so over-priced.

Comment Today's Parents (Score 1) 118

"For most healthy babies there is not a role for home monitoring at all."

Today's parents don't feel like they can ever take their eyes off of their children. The device gives these people a chance to sleep a little. And if catches that one-in-a-million Sudden Infant Death Syndrome case, so much the better. Plus, think of all the data being collected!

Comment Re:That's ENTRAPMENT! (Score 3, Funny) 377

If it's one thing I know, it's the LAW, and that's ENTRAPMENT!

If the one thing you think you know is the law, I have some bad news for you. First off, only the police can entrap, (from a legal point of view). Secondly, setting bait does not equal entrapment. And that isn't even what happened here. In short, the one thing you thought you knew, you don't know. That would make you, by your own admission, a know-nothing.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 2) 300

Yeah, I don't get this obsession with "thin". Never, in the past, did I ever say to myself, "Gee, I wish this thing were thinner!" Faster? Sure. More easily configurable? Easier to get inside of? Mos def. But what can you do? Apple has always been a "Father Knows Best" kinda corporation. It kinda worked when Jobs was around, but nowadays, they might want to consider being more responsive to the users. Still, nothing beats OS X, so I'm stuck with whatever Apple comes up with, hardware-wise.

As for 32 GB of RAM, I only use about ten percent of my 16 GB, but the option to use more should be there for those who might need it.

Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 1) 564

I don't have a lot of cash, and I don't have a lot of sales. Unit for unit, on small runs, cassette tape is WAY cheaper than any other medium.

CDs are about a dime each, if you don't mind paper or cardboard envelopes, (which, of course, is a small extra expense). With a jewel case, they're still cheaper than cassettes.

Cassette audio fidelity (or lack thereof) is a fine match for my typical output.

There's no reason cassette tapes shouldn't have high fidelity. After all, tape is what recording studios use. Sure, it's not 2" tape in there, but back in the day, I had a nice Nakamichi tape deck, and believe me, that thing recorded and reproduced high fidelity. It's really more dependent on the source recording.

In my opinion, tapes have the same problems as CDs - namely, broken jewel cases and tracking errors. But for a musician, I think it's smart to sell music on analog. That way, it's not so trivial to RIP and upload. A record, or even a cassette, has an intrinsic value, unlike digital. People, quite rightly, place no value on digital files, and are mostly unwilling to pay for them. People will buy records though, and apparently, even cassettes.

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