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Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 2) 503

Global warming is not so much driven by corruption, as we're prevented from acting by those who've drunk the "hoax" Kool-Aid. Republican politicians, many of whom admitted privately that they understand the problem, are beholden to their voters. That is the biggest impediment to the Republican Party, and thus the rest of us. But "our part" got fixed under the last administration. If Trump simply does nothing, we'll at least meet the Kyoto goals.
You have a very short-sighted, not to mention selfish, view of the matter. No one is going to bring back the old industrial jobs because no one can. The very simple reason for that is that we can't compete on the wage level. And many of those old jobs are done by machines now, anyway. And yes, climate change is more important than the occasional "terrorist" attack. If you're worried about mass poverty, you should be worried about climate change. Sure, we have a number of years before it gets really bad, and there are other problems to solve, but they're not mutually exclusive.
Either way, I don't see Trump being the one to solve them. He's not even in office yet, and he's already backed down from almost every major campaign promise he made - the great wall, "lock 'er up!", "drain the swamp", "ban the Muslims", "end Obamacare", and others. If those are some of the reasons you elected him, I would think that would give you some pause. Does it?

Comment Re:I'm a cord-cutter, you insensitive clods! (Score 1) 29

So many of the "television" apps require that I have a cable subscription to use them. So, while I applaud Apple for making it easier, what I really want is to pay a (reasonably modest) fee to get the "channels" I want without having a cable or satellite subscription.


I've never had a cable subscription, so I was very happy when HBO Go came out. It seems a bit pricey to me at $15 per month, but ok. A few more channels at that price and I'd be paying the cost of cable service. Between HBO Go and Netflix, and filling the gaps by torrenting, I'm satisfied. If they're in no hurry to provide a legit outlet, I can wait, too.

Comment Re:I'm sure that'll work (Score 1) 112

What strikes me is that Facebook is asking the very people that believe the fake news to point out it's fake news.

What I keep wondering is how the hell people can't tell the difference between real news and fake news? Do we really have this many people who can't read between the lines?

Yes, I'm being sorta rhetorical. I'm aware of the recent election. But, still...

Comment Re:I'm sure that'll work (Score 1) 112

I'm sure this will work perfectly, and everybody will respond honestly and accurately based on whether the story is factual, rather than whether or not it follows the correct political opinion.

Right. I think it'll come out as close as the recent election, with half voting up, and half voting down. That should be a big help to FB.

Comment Re:Fake News? (Score 1) 769

Maybe possibly some people know what satire is...

This is like defending some armed fucking nutjob because of Onion articles.

You don't understand. When he mentions John Stewart, he's been taught that all fact-based reporting is fake news, a.k.a., The Liberal Media. These people live in a kind of backwards-world, where well-informed people are stupid, Trump and his family are "classy", the Clintons are monsters capable of anything, and facts are liberal propaganda. So, haha, the Daily Show = fake news. That's why they can take an obvious troll story seriously. Their entire news diet is essentially trollery. And, that they could take this obvious nonsense seriously is what took everyone by surprise.

Comment CEOs Believe Technology Can Make People Irrelevant (Score 1) 522

"Many CEOs Believe Technology Will Make People Largely Irrelevant"

Yeah, as long as you don't need customers, workers are irrelevant. It's this fundamental misunderstanding of economics that's given us ridiculous policies where money is given to the rich instead of to the people who actually drive the economy. Even a lunatic like Henry Ford understood that high-earning workers benefitted himself, personally. It's a very short-sighted type of greed.

Comment Re:Sack of salt (Score 1) 102

Oh... looks like the independent lab has shown that the TV is better than mine... time to throw my TV in the garbage...

Don't throw it out - put it on Craigslist so I can buy it, cheap. Got my last 55" 1080p LCD that way for $150. The guy wanted the lower latency of a newer model for gaming. Cool. That works for me. Then holler when the new tube is outdated. I'll be ready for a "new" one by then, too.

Comment Re:Valid (Score 1) 590

Yeah, I hear he's going to eat our babies, ban all birth-control, and put all Democrats into concentration camps too!!!!!!!

DID I MENTION THAT I'M TOTALLY RATIONAL, and in no way just a sore loser who is freaking out like a petulant child over losing an election?!?

Haha, that's funny because he's projecting Right-wing nut-job paranoia of forced abortions, banning guns, and FEMA camps onto the Left. I gotta say though, stuff like that is a lot funnier when it's true. There's plenty of stupidity on the Left nowadays, mainly in the form of the conservative impulse to regulate the lifestyles of others through coercive taxes and gun regulations, and a couple of phony science stances on second-hand smoke and vaccinations, but absurd paranoia is still mostly the province of the Right.
As far as being sore losers, seriously, people are freaking out because Donald Trump was elected president, not because a Republican was. I keep wondering if the people who voted for him have any idea of who he is.

Comment Re:Valid (Score 1) 590

I'm firm believer in backups, so Awesome!

But where were these concerns about "government surveillance" not going away when Pres. Obama was expanding them rather than ending them like he promised in his first campaign.

People, rightly or wrongly, trusted Obama a lot more than they trust Trump. Certainly, Obama is a more mature person, and can handle criticism. I think these qualities lulled people into a greater sense of security. People were able to dismiss any valid criticism coming from the Right, because so much of the Right's criticisms were nonsense. Trump, on the other hand, is constantly lashing out at people, is incredibly immature, seems full of ridiculous ideas, and because of this, does not inspire confidence in most people.

Comment Re:Or other things (Score 1) 228

more research is needed to determine whether similar findings could be replicated in people of other faiths, such as Catholics or Muslims.

Or favorite sports teams, or social movements, or fandoms, or whatever else makes people tick.

Eh, not quite the same thing. That stuff exists. And as far as further research being needed, I thought Tim Leary pretty much settled the question.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 3, Insightful) 256

"Some people can't exercise because they have a physical health condition that prevents them from doing so."

Odd how it doesn't prevent them heading off to buy a burger or doughnut isn't it?

Are you really that dense? Just because a person's in a wheelchair, you think they can't eat? Just because a person's fat doesn't mean they eat junk food, just as just because a person's skinny doesn't mean they eat a "healthy" diet. What I find really odd is that the level of comments in a science and technology site aren't much better than on YouTube.

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