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Comment Re:Morons are running the USA (Score 3, Insightful) 648

We are 20 fucking trillion dollars in debt.

What the fuck so you want?

The US budget isn't like your household budget. First of all, the federal debt is in dollars and not, say, euros. Do you know where dollars come from? The Federal government is the only source of dollars in the world. The dollar is a fiat currency. The Fed can, and does, create billions of dollars with the stroke of a keyboard. So, imagine that, whenever you were short of money, you could put some in your checking account by typing a number in your computer. Then, your budget would be like the Federal budget.

The long and short of it is, the Federal debt isn't really a big deal. The Right likes to harp on it because it's another way to attack "Big Government", one of their bogeymen. Why? Because it's the Federal government which creates the consumer protections big business hates, a.k.a., regulations.
Does the Right really not understand how the economy works? Do they really think giving money to rich people will somehow spur growth, even though we've known for decades that it's quite the opposite? Do they really not understand how a fiat currency works? Are they unable to see that decades of right-wing economics have made the rich richer, and the poor poorer? Or do they just not care as long as they get their way? Clearly the working people voting them in don't get it.

Comment It's About Time (Score 1) 283

It's about time we all got healthcare for life. We no longer pay taxes to fill some king or emperor's coffers. We pay taxes for our common good, as a nation and a people. This notion in America that we're all just individuals who happen to live within some artificial borders has got to go. This notion that helping poor people somehow takes something away from others has got to go. When we raise up the poorest citizens, it directly benefits everyone else. Yet we continue to throw money at rich people, even as we see the middle- and working-class continue its slide down. It's madness, when this money could be paying for education and healthcare.

Comment Re:WTF!!! (Score 1) 513

What?! He would work his full work day but if he was needed during night or weekend he would work from home and they fired him? For taking care of his dying wife?!

Yeah, wow. I can't believe they'd treat a middle-class tech worker like they do regular working-class people. This can't be the normal thing, right? It's like those stories one hears about middle-class white people having run-ins with the cops where their rights aren't respected. It's as if class no longer matters in the USA.

Comment Re:Highly irregular (Score 1) 519

I think Twitter needs to seriously consider removing his account.

Not that it's going to happen, but you're not the first person I've heard say this, and I could not disagree more. We really need to know what this dolt is thinking, and we should all be grateful this guy is such a self-centered idiot that he sees nothing wrong with tweeting out his every thought. The more he does it, the more people can see what kind of person he is. I wish Steve Bannon would do the same. Although, I keep wondering about these people who still seem unable to see exactly what kind of person Trump is.

Comment Re:And Even Less Sex Than Forty Years Ago (Score 1) 391

You may as well wait for the next evolution of Big Band groups or Disco while you're at it. Well established genres don't tend to change much, other than by forming offshoot genres.

No need to wait. Jazz did evolve. The next evolution of Jazz was that Big Bands were out. That's how it works - you do something new. You don't evolve by continuing to do the same things. Electronic music evolved. Disco splintered into House and Hip Hop. House led to EDM. Rock, on the other hand, seems stuck in a rut. No new Elvis, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, or Sex Pistols equivilent - there's been no revolution in Rock for decades. I think part of the problem is that today's kids just aren't very rebellious. They seem content to mine the past. Which, come to think of it, is probably why they can't get laid.

Comment Re:And Even Less Sex Than Forty Years Ago (Score 1) 391

The kids did move on, your fixation on rock must have made you miss that.

So Rock really is dead this time? I suspected as much. It's not like I missed Hip Hop and EDM, but I was kinda hoping for a revolution in Rock, (as opposed to endless rehashing and fetishizing of the past that it's become).

Comment And Even Less Sex Than Forty Years Ago (Score 2) 391

If I told young people how much sex we had in the seventies, they wouldn't even believe it. The eighties were pretty good, too, and I understand the sixties were, as well. We are living in very conservative times, yet many seem not to realize it. Also, kids, still waiting for you to move on from Punk Rock and create something new in Rock.

Comment Re:Here's my suggestion, if YT happens to see it (Score 1) 168

Yeah, it's really annoying to always have to remember to turn off Autoplay and Annotations for every video you watch. But, as far as I can tell, it seems most web sites enjoy annoying the shit out of their users. Most web sites are unusable on my phone, with all this crap popping out of top and bottom, leaving you a tiny window to read through. And in my browser, I fucking hate all the shit popping out from all sides, the overlays begging for my email address, as if I need more junk in my inbox, and all the other crap you get which is every bit as annoying as ads. Visiting a modern web site, even with ad-blocking enabled, is like trying to read a book while a bunch of little kids are all taking turns trying to get your attention.

Comment Re:ads on youtube (Score 1) 168

I never see ads on Youtube or get videos that refuse to play with an ad-blocker enabled.

Haven't seen that problem either, (I'm using Ad Block for YouTube, amongst other plug-ins), but I often come across sites that beg me to disable my ad blocking software. Sometimes I do, but more often that not, the site then doesn't seem to recognize that I've disabled ad blocking. That's ok, though. I can live without most of these commercial web sites.
I realize we'll never have the internet of 1998 again, but perhaps if everybody used ad blockers, we'd see some improvement? Of course, it's always amazed me that people will sit and watch television, with its endless commercials, and pay good money for the privilege. So, perhaps there are people who aren't bothered much by commercials? Is that possible?

Comment Re:Oops I did it again (Score 1) 73

Yeah, couldn't agree more. The promise of Netflix was that, like their movie rental business, you'd have access to virtually every movie, (and TV show), ever made, but instead of waiting for a DVD to come through the mail, streamed instantly over the internet. But, oh no, the studios would not allow that! They seemed content to spend their time whining about "piracy". Meanwhile, the people found a way around their intransigence.

I have Netflix, and finally, after many months of waiting, HBO-Go for PS4. But I'm not going to pay for every streaming app out there so I can get that one show they each have. It's annoying enough to have to switch between three apps, (Netflix, HBO-Go, and Plex). Whatever HBO and Netflix don't have, I am happy to torrent. Also, good on Netflix for saying "fuck 'em" and producing their own content.

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