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Journal Journal: The slashdot system actually works... 6

Whenever there is something appealing to me to comment on, nothing stops me from thinking twice. I mean, my confidence on the slashcode working correctly and fair was pretty strong.

So the other day I see a specific post and write this about it: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=136725&cid=11421902.

I'm Belgian, but have a general dislike about the ignorance from the average Joe in the USA, for various reasons. Being the war in Iraq, voting for Bush (>50% anyway), being so religous (I'm an atheist), thinking they can rule the earth unconditionally...
Pretty standard European, although not as subtil.

When for once I do not care about dollars mentioned instead of euros (see my comment), What do I get? 2 Idiots mod me -1 flamebait, 4 people flame me for being so stupid/pro-American/don't care what else.

Very nice! My karma went from Positive to Bad.
Just great. (After being stupid in the beginning to comment on a first post, I got a -1 Offtopic, actually deserved by the way. I needed some lucky 'karma whoring' to set it straight, by giving some interesting links about Belgian food specialities.)
And bothersome also was the fact I'm kinda anti-American, and people flame me for being pro.

Just 2 fuckers bomb my karma way down, just like that. That really made me mad up to thinking I wanted to express my feelings (in dutch) right here to tell about how wonderfull the slashdot system works.

Untill today. I see that my karma is restored to positive. It must have been that metamoderators slammed the f*ckers for nailing me, and they give my dignified points back. Thanks a lot for that by the way. The only thing that bothers me is that my particular comment still remains a 'flamebait'.

I wonder wether my fuckers got their karma send down.

I sure hope so.

(Slashdot works after all :-D )

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