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Journal Journal: Do they know you can go there today? (2)

(part 2)

Not a big surprise here.

Today, I received an email from "ideashappen@msn.com" containing the following:

Hi Ovid,

Thank you for entering your pitch at ideasHappen.msn.com but we regret to inform you that it was not accepted for posting, because your entry did not comply with the Official Rules.

Thank you for your entry.

As if I really can't follow the "Official Rules" any better than those other entries that have run-on sentences and misspell their words.

Now comes the part that can take a few months --if they dumped the entry due to "other reasons". We'll see if they contact me or not --to learn more about the project without having to publish it to the whole world.

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Journal Journal: Do they know you can go there today?

This is but an experiment.

I must have been bored, because I clicked on the IdeasHappen ad banner to see what it was about. Ok. Some competition sponsored by VISA that gives $25k to a few winners with the best ideas. So, I reach in my basket and pick one --ahh, this one. Me and my holo-deck. Slam dunk. $25k here I come.


Let's see, the whole process seems to be managed by Microsoft, but sponsored by VISA. Not sure what that means. If Microsoft could, they'd pull this one right out from under me --but can't really blame them, can I? After all, any one of the big behemoths (IBM, HP, SUN, ...eh, US GOV'T) would do the same. It's how big business does business. If they don't, they fall behind. In any event, that's what the patent is all about, isn't it?

Me and my holo-deck. NASA doesn't have it. IBM doesn't have it. I doubt Microsoft even thinks it's possible... I'm thinking it is a winning concept.

They want a 1200 character "essay", and some pictures. I can do that. My checklist:

  1. spelling, check.
  2. grammar, check.
  3. Creativity, check.
  4. Presentation, check.
  5. Passion, check.
  6. Realization... uhh, prototype works. Check.
  7. credibility, check. (pictures of official documents included)

I'd call this a winning submission. Now back to the experiment. What are the unknowns?

  1. What will Microsoft do with my entry? Will they publish it to the public on their website or will they find a reason not to?
  2. Will I win? (are the judges half-competent?)
  3. Will Microsoft realize the value and contact me directly?

I expect Microsoft will face-plant on this one. (though, curious as hell to see)

If they realize the value of my contribution, they will likely not even publish the entry... after all, then, chances are they'd have to compete with other investors for my attention.

Submitted the 18th of October. Now it's the 22nd. I don't see my submission online yet. Hmmm. They must still be processing new submissions. Indeed, every day, it seems that the "submissions" count increases. The real question is whether my submission will be present for public perusal by the time the daily count of ideas entered stops increasing.

...let's wait and see.

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