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Comment Re: The Conservative Option (Score 0) 487

Perfect terrorist attack, victim comes to US infected and collects all his bodily fluid, mixes it with another fluid and puts it in a spray mister. Terrorist suspect walks around New York city along streets and subways emitting this mist sprayer and nobody notices until two weeks later 400 people show up infected. New York would be hit hard.

Comment Re:Qatar follows a Previous Model (Score 1) 402

"new ways to deliver death and destruction"

Normally I would agree with you but the iron dome is a completely self defensive weapons.

Hamas using timers to set off rockets next to a civilians house is not something to be proud about or using remote cameras on their tunnels to watch incoming soldiers is not groundbreaking.

Comment Re:Wrong lesson. (Score 1) 569

so,., all the people here complaining about a multiplayer online game dominantly that isn't single player dominantly. Good to know the priorities are straight around here.
"we don't want change" -senior citizens of /.

Don't believe everything you read here folks, go into the EA forums and see what people are talking about.
When it comes down to it, Simcity compared to the other ones is still the best.

Comment Flash is the reason (Score 2) 81

In the last 2 months the other browsers kind of pooped out and stopped supporting Flash, everyone has been flooding over to Firefox.

Firefox has an opportunity to take that second place to chrome, take over Dolphin browsers spot.
So that's why you see all this development for it all of a sudden.

Comment mentality around here get repetitive... (Score 1) 295

Win98se-"this new version of windows is bloated, with security holes and just a update of the last one, stick with the old version"
next update
WinXP-"this new version of windows is bloated, with security holes and just a SP update of the last one, stick with the old version now that it has sp2"
next update
Win7-"this new version of windows sucks and is well... its not bloated or insecure anymore but its not like the one before it, stick with the old version now that it has sp2"
Rinse.... Wash... Repeat

Apparently Metro UI is the worse thing to happen around here, really?

I am having a feeling that an SP update will change minds around here. I never understood the whining around here about Win7 and I always spoke against it, but prevailing mod points won. Of the irony of the ass kissing of Win7 now to try to prevent people from using/buying Win8, I saw the same kind of stories shared here when Win7 came out and how terrible it was. You could obviously tell the credibility factor represents nothing of the real world on here, but still.

What happened to the whole "you only need a browser and text pad to accomplish all your work on the computer". Personally I don't like the Win8 right away, but than again I didn't like the Win7 taskbar and converted back to classic. Now I use Win7 taskbar all the time, personally they need to add the lower left windows icon to the same corner again and have the taskbar popup as if I had checked 'auto-hide taskbar'.

Comment Movie industry... (Score 1) 432

hence now apply your argument to the movie industry and MPAA around here. It really is sad around here that people complain and expect to be handed free, yet they put up the same old argument "well they're making too much money, crappy movies and greedy!!". People need to move on with your life because you couldn't get your free movie/game/app.

You got lucky to get a +5 Insightful, usually you get modded down into ovlivion if you argue against the status quo around here of free software/open source junkies. They mod you so low your comments don't even show anymore, its how they kind of filter out people they don't agree with but the readership around here is changing and the old guard is being pushed/modded out.

Comment Re:Something needs to be done about these Governme (Score 1) 275

Iran during the Shah

I think you might be confused, during the Shah the Iranian people and woman more importantly had many more rights than they do these days. Albeit the secret tortures going on in the background were not good. But you are wearing fucking blinders if you think the woman are more happy in that society today, if they could tear off those headscarves and wear short dresses they would rip the burka right off.
Once again go ahead and watch some Youtube videos of Iranian woman being hauled off by the secret islamic morality police.

Kind of pathetic to blame the U.S. for all their problems when that was like 30 years ago and say "This is what happens when people react to outside interference: they become extremists". WRONG! Sorry but the Iranian people have got their heads up their asses on this one and outside interference should not cause you to turn into a Jew hating Islamic extremist who votes in another dictator.
Take off the mittens and dish it out to the Iranians, do it all day long with other countries. Ahhhhh poor poor Iranians victimized by themselves.

Example: The recent Iranian leader they voted in, he implements changes to the constitution and the people start to revolt.

Ooooopps not what you voted for? Wait no... it's the USA's/Jews fault he tried to take away our constitutional rights. Idiot Iranian people don't even realize there is somebody pulling the strings on their leader. But no... blame USA.

Comment Re:I bought my PS3 dammit! (Score 1) 491

lol no, its like buying your own cable modem to connect to the cables service but they require a update for that cable modem to connect. Now thats a real comparison.

What the hell are you guys babying about now, this is unnecessary whining. Everyone knew about their root on the cd in the past who is tech literate, if you still went out and bought a PS3 well than don't come crying. It's not 'your property' as much as you like to think it is in imaginationland, you don't own their online servers or game producing.

What is this bs about 'my property', its only yours until you decide to connect or play one of their games.
I gotta give Sony the heads up on this console, they have basically won the piracy war to a point. It is nowhere near the rate of pirate games that is going on for the 360 and the hackers/crackers/encrypters have *failed* to fully crack their system. By the time they crack it there will be a new console out.

Comment Re:Status Bar??? (Score 1) 537

The best thing they have done was add 'tabs', ever since than it has been chickenshit little changes. What ever happened to the revolutionary 2.0, seems like they rode the 'tabs' train and than IE9 finally added it. So nothing too revolutionary to convince people to stay with firefox, especially since IE was basically sandboxed and slowly but surely popups began to appear even on Firefox.

Just sayin....

Comment Re:The mobile tech formerly known as 4G (Score 2) 45

It basically means you get broadband speeds 14mbps, pretty simple I just a lot of people here are over analyzing it and all parroting the same message. Basically you don't want to have a dozen different names for a certain set of speed.

If you name your service a dozen different names, it does no one any good. Maybe Super-4G will probably be 20mbps but I think they are all in the general range there.

Get over it....

Comment Re:Problematic Approach (Score 1) 349

Send in the drones, no joke.

By 2020 or something like that 2/3 of all military vehicles will be autonomously driven, have fun blowing up empty vehicles though.

The reality is that drones and terminator bots will be developed at some point and deployed by the thousands. Have a bot sitting on some remote mountain top in Afghanistan in a freezing storm ready to confront anybody in the area.

Also you were good up until Version 4.0, but the jammers you talk about are called the 'Buffalo' system and you should look up the technology in it.
So please stop making up myth's about the 'Cryptological' signals because the Buffalo has shown time and again it disables that.

Ver. 5.0 - Lol you mean 'Shaped Charges' is what you are trying to say and they have been around a long time as per Army manual training. Just took the illiterate idiots awhile to understand the tech, good luck using that against an empty vehicle with a drone.
But I am sure they will resort to tactics of killing their own civilians or blowing themselves up, quick apply some version number to that or just turn a blind eye and be vocally quiet over it as usual.

Ver. 6.0 - now you are just making up shit, 'steel and iron' oh ok yeah so now the terrorist can discriminate between friendly heavy metal vehicle and light one. LOL ok whatever you wanna make up, nevermind the 18 wheelers/buses/kaboos driving over them all day.
Does ver. 6.0 work like in Afghanistan where the Taliban blew up that bus loaded with people, lol who are you kidding buddy with this silly version crap. It's just Guerilla warfare and hiding with the civilians

Version 4.0 and above have been defeated by the BUFFALO because they make signals obsolete, as in there is no cellular or other radio service around when the US patrol comes driving through. Funny sometimes the locals would talk about how they knew the Americans were coming into the area when their cellphones would cut off.
What good is encryption when you cannot even send the signal, I don't expect an answer but it is fun to make up stuff. Also version 1.0 with the wire is and always has been the favorite method as described by EOD teams.

Say you got a version number for people who suffer from isolation and are only taught religious hatred to the point they are willing to blow themselves up.

You can laugh at the scientist and engineers behind the stuff they develop, but one day these things will be flying into the windows of buildings and driving trucks with nobody inside across mountain ranges.

Comment Re:Spengler saw this last year (Score 1) 361

Or maybe it could be the the worse case scenario

An older generation who has all this younger youth generation under its authority and gun, they will just become cannon fodder and sent to he front lines when war breaks out. They want to go out on a bang and be remembered, revolutions no longer exist since the machine gun came out.

Front of the line : Students and the educated
Back of the line : Elders and clerics watching

You gotta remember these are the same people who used their population to clear mine fields during the Iraq/Iran war

Comment Re:Bomb Sniffing Dogs (Score 1) 354

That's the German Shepard breed I believe where the trainer has to induce or lead them toward the direction.
I saw the NatGeo special on 'Dogs' the other day and a new breed coming out of Russia is trained to go on its own and take the initiative. The Russians have been mixing dog genetics for quite some time now and have some interesting breeds.

Machines can run 24/7, minimal false detection and very quick. They'll probably pay themselves off in a decade or so compared to the investment needed for a dog

Dogs can only alert you to a possibility of one of the hundreds of chemical signatures its trained to, you have to clear the area to search the object and all the other crap that come from animals. Plus I think they can only do like 30 minutes at a time before they have to have like a 4 hour rest, the restoration rate is just too slow and would bankrupt airports across the country.
Not only that but the trainers cost more money to employ and train, compared to some TSA officer who could cycle through many more people than a dog can.

Comment Re:Requires code to be run (Score 1) 303

I always get a kick how they dumb down the articles for the audience around here. It's like 'don't you people work in the IT industry and this is common knowledge that code run from any machine by the user will compromise it'.

Virus- 'You wanna run me so I can infect though... I mean give you money...?'
UAC- 'Do you want to run this Yes/No'
User- 'Yes'

hmmm somewhere there is a weak link in that security somewhere.


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