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Comment Re:*Correction (Score 2) 433

Exactly, exactly, exactly.

I uninstalled this terrible money grabbing game as soon as I got to the store and found all the 'money' I'd collected in game was worth next to nothing, but I could get credits for weapons and other useful things if I just went and completed things on some websites, or I could just pay real money to get in game credits.

A horrible system, and nothing to do with piracy, all to do with a game designed PURELY to pull money out of people to progress.

Make a good game, charge up front and BE DONE WITH IT.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 433

Exactly, it's a terrible, terrible game.

Well, actually the game seemed ok from what I played of it. And then it got to the store, and the way to buy things was to complete various things out of the game, like visiting websites or completing offers... OR you could pay to advance.

So yes, it was the lowest of crap types of apps, the Freemium. I HATE these apps with a passion and wish the whole concept would die.

Provide a free 'trial' version of a game so you can see how it plays on your device, then charge a fee for the full game.

THE END. I've bought plenty of games on my Android phones, PLENTY. But this crap game got uninstalled after about 10 minutes of play.

Comment Re:Just wondering (Score 1) 433

What rubbish are you talking about? Huge headache if you install any paid app????


I've bought quite a lot of games and apps on my Android phone. When I got a new phone they all downloaded to that one no problems.

I have never come up against and form of annoying DRM. What ARE you talking about?

Or you just making excuses for not paying for things?

Comment Re:celsius (Score 1) 1233

But it's not a good scale because its limits don't marry to anything useful.

In Celsius if it's 0 degrees, you know that's the freezing point of water, so you know that frost or snow or other such things are likely... in Fahrenheit it's 32... what kind of a number is 32 for a logical 'start point' where the weather really changes from one sort to another.

I think a scale that has at its zero point such an easy to picture phenomenon makes more sense.

Again, you're used to F, I'm used to C, they both make more 'sense' to us... but I fail to see how, purely logically, you can't agree that celsius makes more sense.

Comment Re:Cool, but... (Score 1) 107

Why the hell does it matter? Seriously, are you that anti MS that you can't handle them funding some cool research. Things are allowed to exist without being OS you know.

There have been plenty, plenty, plenty of fantastic benefits to mankind done with the help of private industry. Using Open Source or not does not equate to good vs evil

Comment Re:Stability (Score 1) 891

That is really stunning. It is amazing that you can point at something like Kile, which I just looked at the screenshots of, and somehow think that it's AT ALL a sensible option for the average Word user.

That is... it's amazing that someone can live in a self-created world where that makes sense.

LOOK at Kile Starting a new Document Holy crap that's a confusing mess of ugly.
THIS is what it looks like for general usage... are you mad? Have you ANY concept of how a 'normal' day to day user of Office thinks?

Amazing. If there are many others like you in the OS community who are actually contributing and thinking they're making software for day to day usage by 'normal' people... it's doomed

Comment Re:Number each spot (Score 1) 863

Exactly, it's how it works in many places in Melbourne Australia... check the number of your spot as you get out of your car, press that number on the machine and pay... done.

Saves paper.

Saves time.

Even so, the writer of the summary likes to make up ridiculous steps to make the process sound more complex than it is. What next "Step 1. Turn wheel of car. Step 2. Move forward. Step 3. Turn wheel of car other way. Step 4. Breathe. Step 5. ... "

Come on, you make it sound like using these machines is torture.

Comment Re:Mouse? (Score 1) 569

Yeah, heaven forbid that the developer is doing a whole lot of coding, and actually knows about keyboard shortcuts, but you know, might actually want to use a mouse to... um:
* Test the interface they may be programming (yeah, shock horror, sometimes you code things that get used with a mouse)
* Might want to surf the web and forums etc.
* Might want to do ANYTHING bloody useful on a pc other than command line based activities.

Really, get off you friggen 'ooh, you use a mouse, how amateur' shit, it's tiresome.

Operating Systems

Submission + - The Google OS is Announced (blogspot.com) 2

popdookey writes: "It's true, it's real, and it's announced. Google will have an OS aimed at netbooks, and it will co-exist with Android. It will be fast booting, all applications will run over the web, and they will be supported through any standards-compliant web browser. The announcement is here, http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/introducing-google-chrome-os.html"

Comment Re:You truly think calling the POLICE is the only (Score 1) 1246

This whole thing is a horrible indictment on the state of society as a whole in America at the moment.

Here in Australia this acceptance of police officers at schools and metal detectors is so... so foreign.

It absolutely comes down to creating at least some sort of respect in the classroom to begin with, and part of that is SOOOO to do with the parents.

It's a breakdown from the home onwards.


Comment You truly think calling the POLICE is the only opt (Score 2, Interesting) 1246

My god, what else do you think is acceptable then?

SWAT team brought in for a schoolyard fight?
Anti Terrorist squad for a stink bomb in the corridors?
Solitary detainment and waterboarding for not spilling the beans on who wrote in chalk on a school wall?

I'm disgusted that you think this is ok.

She sounds like a little shit, but that's what detention and suspension is for NOT the bloody police.


Comment Re:You know... (Score 1) 339

* Really, the deadly animal thing, REALLY not that much of an issue unless you actually live in the bush. We have antivenoms for all the spiders and snakes and the number who are killed by any of them is sweet bugger all

* In regards to you thinking that somehow Obama is not being democratic in his current problems with the republican party, I would instead perhaps put this forward:
  He has debated with, consulted, talked to and had great dealings with all sides, listened to all of their concerns, and yet really, the only thing that the Republicans want to do is... give tax cuts... that's it, that's their sole solution for ANYTHING, which makes no sense as then you have a government that has less money to DO anything with. You think somehow giving back little amounts to everyone will suddenly make the US become a power again? HOW?

Spending money on developing sustainable industries and education and things that might actually lift the US in its world standing are GOOD things to do for long term economic health. Giving a bit of money back to everyone so they can spend it on a larger tv or a few more take away dinners helps no-one.

The Republicans are blocking for blocking's sake. Obama was voted in with a landslide, which should suggest that the majority of the country believes in his ideas, so perhaps they shouldn't be so grandstanding as to block things for blocking's sake. If the populous want these things through, and have rejected the piss poor financial management of the Republicans for the past 8 years, then MAYBE they should let it through.

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