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Journal Journal: Vacation - Yeah! 1

Woohoo - first real vacation in 2 years. Gonna kick back and do nothing for the first few days. Absolutely nothing. THen I'll think about hacking around on the computer, reading some books, little trips around town. Can't go anywhere 'cause the wife still has to work - so I'll play house-husband. Looks pretty low stress, which sounds goood to me.


Prolly shouldn't watch the T.V. news, since BBC has a lot of the LOndon bombing coverage, and those Al-Quada Mo'fos' seem to bomb whatever city my brother happens to be living in.

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Journal Journal: Angry wake up

Grrr. I don't know what it is about me, but when someone wakes me up out of sleep I'm usually very angry and hostile.
I just worked most of last night and came home early this AM. I fell peacefully asleep and was trying to catch some sleep when some wander Jehoveh's Witnesses came by to try and get me to take their magazine.
I could have been a little nicer, but sorry folks -that's the price you pay for knocking on my door sometimes.


Journal Journal: Amputations 1

FIrst entry:
F*CK, gotta whack off the arm and entire shoulder up to the neck of a fellow surgeon, for some cancer operation that went awry at another hospital. This is giving me major angst/identification issues and I don't like i -it's too painful. I just hope it's not in vain and they live for more than 5 years.
    Some other guy whose arm I had to whack off for cancer came in today for a follow up visit. Awesome guy, former guitar player (I still play bass, so this too is way to close for comfort), has 2 kids now has major problems with wife. She's drinking dailey and is prolly' going to dump him after said amputation above his elbow.
I need some one to remind me again why I chose this f*cking career. 10 year old girls and boys with leg tumors give me nightmares. Sometimes I just wished I worked as a painter or had some other job like that.

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