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Journal Journal: story submission

(i expect this will get shot down, but its amusing nonetheless..)

Dear Slashdot Reader,

Do you ever wish that /. and Strong Bad would get together and produce Ask Slashdot?
picture if you will, Strong Bad, reading the questions and then proceeding to make fun of it.... you know, like how we usually do it anyways.

(i figure this should at least get a chuckle outta the editors...)

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Journal Journal: story submission

So, i was reading my usual morning cartoons and came across this link to a very interesting article which reviewed PS2 game REZ and comes with a ... extra peripheral which must be aimed at getting girls to play games. It got me wondering what other ways we can draw females into the gaming and computers?

Journal Journal: story sub is coming to an end! The Blinkenlights project by the Chaos Computer Club will be ending its run February 23, 2002. It was exposed to /. back here They are having a big party, and we're all invited. One last chance for Taco to embarrass kathleen...

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