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Comment Re:Important question (Score 1) 156

Not really weighing in on the making clothes analogy, but if you wanted a thermostat to control without the cloud. The Vera Lite controller can work independent of the Internet.

While their site provides conveniences like easier connectivity without port forwarding, the entire setup can be done without any connectivity to their site. Then couple that with Z-Wave devices like this Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat I looked up (I haven't used it, but have a Trane Z-Wave thermostat and a 2GIG Z-Wave Thermostat):

Personally, I've been writing my own node.js based z-wave controller using a Z-Wave USB stick plugged into a Raspberry Pi. But that's only by choice. I ran the Vera Lite for a couple years and it worked fine. Admitted, this is a 2 part solution, but the Vera Lite would be your Z-Wave controller for other devices such as light switches and such. For something you can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot:

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