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Aussie Attorney General Says Gamers Are Scarier Than Biker Gangs 409

Sasayaki writes "South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson claims, in an interview with Good Game, that gamers were more of a threat to his family than biker gangs. This is the man who has been the biggest opponent to Australia receiving an R18+ rating for video games and who has the power to veto any such law introducing it."
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Tech Gifts for the Holidays (

MrCopilot writes: "Here is a list of tech gadgetry, I'd like to see under the tree. This year on my list 3 items run on a Linux OS, including the Nokia n810, Asus eePC and the XO Laptop. I fully expect twice as many next year, with the imminent release of Google's Android.
Of course, there is no shortage of Xmas Tech Lists.

What do you, the Slashdot Tech Geek, want to open up this Christmas/Kwanzaa/Chanukah/Pagan Winter Solstice Holiday?"

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple SuperDrive 2.1 update flawed

An anonymous reader writes: Apple released an update to the firmware for SuperDrives found in a variety of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The update was supposed to improve the "readability of certain CD media". It in fact did the opposite and much worse. Users report not being able to mount some or any media, and not being able to burn media. The update is mysteriously no longer available on the Apple website (Google "superdrive 2.1" and check out Googles cached page vs the dead link that's there now). Apple has made no comment on the website, and Apple techsupport claims that they haven't heard any about this. It's amazing that Apple's quality assurance department would do such a poor job and allow this update to be released. It's a shame that Apple isn't taking any responsibility so far...

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