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Journal Journal: meta-moderation

Well, I got a chance to meta-moderate today (probably had the points for a while, but too busy).

I was surprised at the number of good moderations. I guess an open society like Slashdot can work... as long as it doesn't have to include everyone (like those anonymous trolls, which are symbolic of the scum in normal society). I just wish we could moderate and meta-moderate in the real world, and those who get bad ratings get kicked out... somewhere. The question is, where?? ;)


Journal Journal: First moderator points

Hmm, I finally get my first moderator points (not like Slashdot bothered sending me an e-mail or something (must check settings) ).

Now, what should I do with them...


Journal Journal: RIAA are morons

The article on RIAA and their "generous donation" (ya right) to the libraries was pathetic to say the least! I don't buy CDs, mostly because my tastes include more 70s/80s/European/Russian music, and am now glad I don't. It's just sad to see how much society has degraded. When did we last hold people accountable for their own actions?...

I don't think the RIAA has a right to say that "P2P is hurting legitimate businesses", because they aren't one!


Journal Journal: First post and XHTML

Well, this is my first journal posting. It was prompted by the article on /. regarding the benefits of XHTML. More specifically, I was/am really pissed that there are people who would knowingly work against the W3C standards based on some stupid conspiracy theory that W3C is working for Microsoft. I mean, wake up people! Standards are there to make sure Microsoft can't write their own rules and then force everyone to use MS software, not the other way around!

I personally find that XHTML and XML itself are the coolest technologies around! I am in love with how easily you can manipulate XML with XSLT stylesheets. It's changing the way I write web applications!

On a side note, I think that W3C's XHTML2 is a little far-fetched. While I can see it is a powerful language, and I would love to use it, the fact that it is not backwards-compatible will restrict it to intranets and other controlled environments. Until 98% of browsers support it, few businesses will use it (even I wouldn't use it myself for a public website). Besides, XHTML1 promisses to be forward-compatible for as long as XML is around (which hopefully will be a LONG time).

I am not saying it's bad. It's about time we have a re-write of HTML rather than just a cleanup (XHTML just stripped out the presentation markup). I just don't think MS will make IE XHTML2 complient and time until V.10 and until then not many will use it. Too bad :(

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