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Comment Re:Slashdot death rattle (Score 1) 250

the aggretation systems are about COMMUNITY. Ignoring the community is suicide.

You don't seem to understand what the "community" is. It's not Slashdot readers and participants, it's the officers and shareholders of Dice. THEY are not being ignored. Everything here is for their benefit, not yours. You are not the customer. You are the product.

Comment Re:Maybe not replaced, but ruined the market (Score 1) 211

One word - Lenovo. I tried Sony and Toshiba in the old days. Complete junk. Screens fell off, keyboards stopped working, cooling systems crapped out. Got a used Thinkpad (1999 era) in the mid 2000's that is still being used as a print server in the back room. Got a dual-core in 2009 that still works like new. I just replaced a couple months ago with a W530 (workstation grade) quad-core so I could do HD video editing on the road without dying of old age before a render finished. Wasn't cheap though. About $1700 with SSD main drive and 500 GB secondary in the optical bay

BTW, I rarely use laptops as actual laptops. I mainly stuff them under the recliner with the lid closed and attach ethernet, a monitor on a swingarm, and a wireless keyboard & mouse. I have this setup in both of my houses. The only time I use the internal screen and keyboard is when I'm stuck at an airport or a family member's house.

Comment Re: Wrong (Score 1) 211

They're like a Tivo. Sure, it's technically a computer but full access to the hardware and software are closed off to you.

Nothing is closed off on the original Tivos if you have a shell. You can use the i2c bus to interact with any hardware device on the motherboard - switch inputs, switch channels, mute, record, etc. All you need to do is print a device ID and a hex number to /dev/i2c and stuff starts happening. I used to have a partial list of characters and what they did, but I can't seem to find it ATM. As I recall, there was a tool created by Andrew Tridgell (Samba) called iicset.c that you could compile and use that made it even easier.

Haven't played around inside one for years so I don't know if you can still get a shell on the newer ones.

Comment Re:Good advertising? (Score 0) 324

Exactly. In my state, sales tax is damned near 10%. When I drop a couple of grand on an order of server parts, I'm NOT going to pay an extra $200 for no good reason. I buy from Amazon only when no one else has what I need in stock, including local merchants. Most of the time. I buy from NewEgg or B & H Photo, then spend the 10% savings on hookers and blow.

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