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Journal Journal: I actually read the Service Agreement!

I recently ordered a new phone from AT&T. While most people (including myself) just quickly click "I agree!", I decided to actually print out the 26-page contract and actually read it. I wanted a printed copy since I know that AT&T can change the terms on their website at anytime.

I'm not a lawyer, but a lot of the terms actually give me pause. Some of the other terms are interesting. Of particular note:
* AT&T can terminate the agreement without notice if I "behave in an abusive, derogatory, or similarly unreasonable manner with any of our representatives" (pg. 2)
* I can terminate the agreement if AT&T increases the price of any of the services that I subscribe to (pg. 2)
* If I take AT&T to arbitration, they "will promptly reimburse" the filing fee. Additionally, arbitration hearings will take place in the county of my billing address. (pg. 7)
* If my phone is stolen and the thief makes a call, AT&T considers the call as "authorized" (pg. 11)
* AT&T "may screen and delete information prior to delivery of that information" (pg. 11)
* "Unlimited voice" is limited to 750 minutes per month (pg. 16)
* AT&T "reserves the right to terminate [my] data services with or without cause" (pg. 18)
* AT&T has a LONG list of prohibited uses, including "web camera posts or broadcasts" (pg. 19)
* AT&T states that "e-mail attachments can not be sent, downloaded, read, or forwarded on the mobile device" (pg. 21)

I knew that the contract was one-sided, but I didn't realize that much of what I do is actually against the contract. Just goes to show that we should all read the contract before accepting it blindly.

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