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Input Devices

Lag Analysis For the PlayStation Move 71

The $64,000 question about Sony's upcoming motion control system, the PlayStation Move, is how responsive it will be compared to traditional console controllers and its counterparts from Nintendo and Microsoft. Eurogamer slowed down videos of Sony's tech demo software to establish a rough baseline latency that developers will have to work with. Quoting: "While exact latency measurements aren't possible in these conditions, a ballpark idea of the level of response isn't a problem at all. The methodology is remarkably straightforward. Keep your hand as steady as possible, then make fast motions with the controller. Count the frames between your hand moving, and the motion being carried out on-screen. Equally illuminating is to stop your movement suddenly, then count the frames necessary for your on-screen counterpart to catch up. While not 100 per cent accurate, repeat the process enough times and the frame difference becomes fairly evident. Bearing all of that in mind, and recognizing that we don't know how much latency the display itself is adding, I'd say that a ballpark figure of around 133ms of controller lag (give or take a frame) seems reasonable, certainly not the ultra-fast crispness of response we see from games like Burnout Paradise or Modern Warfare, but fine for most of the applications you would want from such a controller."

Comment Re:US is in trouble (Score 1) 691

Unless something major changes pretty soon, the US is totally and completely screwed

You're defining an entire nation based on your interpretation of.. what, exactly? Mass media news? Seriously, the quote above is one of the most uninformed, calloused, and pessimistic things I've read in quote some time. America is a nation of capable, creative, industrious people - we'll make it through this, and hopefully be wiser for it.

Comment On intellectual property.. (Score 0) 406

ACTA is a fucking steaming pile of shit. A "trademark treaty" written by corporations, and intended only to protect the "copyrights" of said corporations.

A property right is a positive right: it gives you the freedom to use, sell, etc. something you own. These are rights governments must protect, by preventing activities (such as theft or vandalism) that would endanger them.

A copyright is an entirely negative right: it gives you no new freedoms, merely the ability to prevent others from something they would otherwise be allowed to do. It gives one individual (the copyright holder) full control of a whole market (the sale of their writing). This is a monopoly, something governments must protect us from.

Copyright is not a natural right, but merely an outdated invention from the era of the printing press. To call copyrighted works “intellectual property” corrupts thought, by subjecting those who want to replace the invention with a more effective one to nonsensical claims of “you’re stealing my property”.
-Aaron Swartz

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