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Journal Journal: OMG

Dear Diary,
        Today I sold $136 worth of consumer audio equipment to Bob "I sucked dick for coke" Sagat.

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Journal Journal: i'm thinking of something DEEP

so like, i was thinking about this shit about how like, my girlfriedd, she really loses me ,. i love her too. like, we listen to Boards of Canada together and stuff. so like, that must be good, right?


I HATE4 HER!!!!@



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Journal Journal: discontent

I want to be able to do everything at all times and be everything to everybody. I forget that it's impossible. If I make music, I should be doing homework. If I'm doing homework, I should be getting drunk. If I'm getting drunk I should be reading a book. If I'm reading a book I should be making music. It can be frustrating at times.

I need to take breaks.

But I feel good.

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Journal Journal: a poem by someone else 2


Settle for.

Settle for nothing.

Settle for nothing less.

Settle for nothing less than the object of your desire.

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Journal Journal: red eyes and giggles

crapola granola! i can't believe I'm seeing my boys tomorrow!
let the insanity begin. first off, i have no idea how i'm getting out of JFK and out of the city, why the hell we're going to albany, or how long i'm going to be travelling for. might even end up crashing at ashley's dad's place friday night till the first train out in the morning, but there's no adventure in that (except for the huge adventure part). i suspect Conor and Clay (warning 15megs) will surely have some unimaginable madness with which to destroy my faith in logic and reality.


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Journal Journal: only in dreams

we live in the hustle and bustle, the tear drops of life. only pausing to reflect on our sorrows.

i am only with you in my dreams, my dreams that wake far too early.

to touch, to feel, to sit and query. these are but simple requests, no?

the soft touch of fur, the smoothness of skin, the flavour of your smell.
how i miss these.

i want to love, to sit and hold tight. crimes against my humanity.

this is an alarm call so wake up wake up wake up.


(i'm no fucking buddhist, but this is enlightenment)


Journal Journal: stuff and things like Schneider TM 1

Today I had a most magnificent stroll in the rain. I didn't get as soaked as I would have liked, but it was a good time. I don't know why more people don't like to walk in the rain. I can empathize if they have somewhere to go where they need to be dry or if they are carrying some important papers or something that need to retain the shape of their ink. But overall the rain is a pleasant thing. It refreshes, makes the day breath taking again.

Yesterday I felt like writing a mean poem. But I didn't write it. Let's see if I can do it now.


Nope, not in the mood. Oh well, perhaps it's better this way.

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Journal Journal: bad music


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Journal Journal: The Little Prince 1

One never ought to listen to the flowers. One should simply look at them and breathe their fragrance.
-Antoine de Saint Exupery

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Journal Journal: pr0n. hard core style.

got this link from $$$$$exyGal's journal. this shit is HOT.

Charles Bukowski said in one of his poems something about how it used to be that the sight of a woman merely turning up the hem of her ankle-long skirt could drive a man wild. But now that everything is in your face it's ruined, spoiled, less appreciated. I completely agree. I miss the old styles of clothing and fun. None of this Nelly bling bling hoochie mama stuff. Just good old fun.

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Journal Journal: Hi.

Long time no see. How are you doing? That's nice to hear. I hope you weren't lonely without me. I know you'll be alright. I may leave but I may come back too so it's okay. Have a goodnight.

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Journal Journal: Wow

I can't seem to figure out whether or not this is a joke. Our beloved president allegedly spoke there and he and his wife received a warm welcome.

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