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The Internet

Journal Journal: Two Men Sentenced to Five Years for Sending Porn Spam

Fox News is reporting on 2 men sentenced under a federal anti-spam law.

Two men who sent millions of unsolicited pornographic e-mails have been sentenced to more than five years in federal prison as part of the first prosecution under a federal anti-spam law, U.S. Department of Justice officials said Friday.

Jeffrey A. Kilbride of Venice, Calif., and James R. Schaffer of Paradise Valley, Ariz., purchased e-mail addresses and sent the owners of those addresses links to pornographic Web sites, prosecutors said.

They were convicted in June of charges including conspiracy, money laundering, fraud and transportation of obscene materials after a three-week trial and were sentenced by a federal judge in Phoenix this week.

The Internet

Journal Journal: Another one bites the dust

Another torrent tracker bites the dust for US users. Isohunt has joined TorrentSpy in folding to the MPAA pressure. From the site:

US users blacklisted from trackers -- Spam Runs

Posted by SecretSquirrel on Sep. 24

As of earlier today, we have disabled access from users in the US to our trackers. This goes for ALL trackers (torrentbox, podtropolis) owned by This is a move which has been brought forth due to us being sued by MPAA member companies. So, if you're outside the US, you may notice less peers.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Snakes on a plane (for real)

Fox News is reporting about a man arrested at the Cairo Airport for trying to smuggle 700 live SNAKES ON A PLANE!

That's right, this guy tried to bring 700 snakes in his carry on bag through security, and onto the plane. Among the snakes, kept in 2 cloth sacks, were 2 poisonous cobras.


Journal Journal: Felony to Threaten Schools 1

In further craziness from the VT shootings, it's now on the books in Massachusetts to make it a felony to make threats toward schools. In the words of Worcester, MA Police Chief Gary J. Gemme

"We believe that we have to bring the maximum penalty to act as a deterrent," Chief Gemme said. "We're all aware of the incidents across the country and we have to take these incidents seriously."

I personally think this is a bit much. Punish them in house, or even fine them for the wasted resources (like when I prank fire alarm gets pulled), but don't make it a felony.


Journal Journal: Massachusetts joins the Real ID fight 330

In the battle against big government and the infamous Real ID, Massachusetts has hopped onboard.

In the words of State Senator Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, "Historically, Americans have resisted the idea, which totalitarian governments have tended to do, of having a national ID. That's the broad philosophical issue. I don't think it's a good move and I would be reluctant to see why we are going to that step." And State Attorney General Martha Coakley thinks "it's a bad idea." Should be interesting to see how it gets voted.


Journal Journal: Censorship at its best 1

I'm an active duty US Marine, and wanted to report on the wonderful censorship of the Marine Corps. I'm currently writing this article at work, on Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, in San Diego, CA.

I was trying to log into the internet radio site Pandora when I recieved this message:

Headquarters Marine Corps Command, Control, Communications & Computers

You have attempted to access a site which has been blocked in accordance with Marine Corps and DoN policy governing the appropriate use of government information systems.

For more information, or if you believe you have received this notice in error, please contact your local Information Assurance Manager (IAM).

The links are to Marine Corps Administrative Message 162/00 and Department of the Navy Effective Use Of Dept Of Navy Information Technology Resources Memo, respectively.

The strange thing is that I've used Pandora at work, on multiple occasions, as recently as a few months ago.

Any opinions?


Journal Journal: Dazzling image captures violent birth of stars

CNN is reporting about the amazing new image captured by the Hubble telescope. The image, released by NASA's Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, is more than 50 light years wide. It shows the chaotic Carina Nebula, through the birth and death of stars. It really is an amazing picture, available directly here
United States

Journal Journal: Hurting whales more important than national security

In the newest slap to the face of the environmentalists, the US Navy has decided to not release where sonar has been used through out the world over the past four years. Why is this an issue? Because the National Resources Defense Council has come to the idea of suing the US Navy to "ensure sailors use sonar in a way that does not harm whales and other marine mammals." The claim is that sonar "can strand, injure and even kill whales and other marine mammals by interfering with their ability to navigate, hunt, take care of their offspring and avoid predators."

Journal Journal: RIAA Cracks Down on College Students 1

So it appears that the RIAA is once again striking fear into the hearts of college students. In an article on CNN, the RIAA details its "Complaint Letters" being sent out to college students, and shows which colleges are being hit the hardest. I personally find it funny that the author continually refers to the RIAA as "complaining".
The Internet

Journal Journal: NMCI showing its true colors...

The NMCI (Navy and Marine Corps Intranet), known for its flaws, is starting to show its true feelings. is now not available to view through the NMCI, causing rendering errors, not allowing the page to be shown correctly (i.e. pictures not showing up, the format not being correct). But MSNBC and Fox News are not blocked. Bias on their part? Maybe....

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