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Journal Journal: Survey

First time I ever saw a Survey on the top of the messages page:

Please help Slashdot by taking this short survey.
Have you Meta Moderated recently? Regular Meta Moderators are more likely to get mod points.
You have 1 new message waiting for you, and 0 old messages.

Survey Index
Name Opens Questions Expires
Readership study 03:00 PM -- Monday June 13 2005 16 03:00 PM -- Monday June 20 2005
Readership study This study is a collaborative effort between Slashdot and the University of Michigan. We are interested in the characteristics of Slashdot users and how they read content on the site.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and confidential. Results will only be reported in the aggregate. Your responses are important, as we are only asking a small percentage of the Slashdot readership to participate in this study, and your answers cannot be replaced. An email link will be provided at the end of the study if you have questions about this research.

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