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Journal Journal: Be hold, I send you a wolf among your lambs dressed as sheep

Behold, I send you forth as lambs in the midst of mean... Be hold, I send you a wolf among your lambs dressed as sheep... :)

So, here I am. My first entry here. I am a fan of Microsoft. I love Internet Explorer. I hate Linux. You propobly are wondering "What the hell are you doing here then ?"...well, keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer.

Some quick comments to warm up my flamer journal.

I think is one of the most horrible looking sites on the internet. WHY IS IT SO DARN UGLY ?

To be able to get the "l33+" and "geek" status ?

heh, I have news for you all slashdot lamers. A site doesn't have to be ugly in order to get the l33+ status.

I'm not saying that slashdot is a leet site though. It sux. Just look at that bloody ugly top-left menu. What is this ? HEY!!! Mr. webmaster...What were you thinking when creating this site ? propobly..."Let me see if I can make this as ugly as I can"

Anyway, keep an eye on my journal. I will flame Linux ! I will flame Linux "coders"... or shall I say "Code rippers" ?..... HAHA...and I will flame the open source community!

I will show you why you guys are lame. :)

Time for my tea...bbl!

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