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Journal Journal: Yet more games.

I guess it really has been a little while since I updated, again. Whoops.

Well, I continue to enjoy editing the main page on the couple of occasions I do it every week, but the Slashdot Games section is also going well - we're now doing about 6 stories a day, around 40 per week in total, but being a little more targeted in only running the best and most interesting stories of the day in the games field.

We also seem to have a dedicated user base who check the index page, now, as opposed to only reading the main page of Slashdot, which is very cool.

Otherwise, many thanks to all the contributors who continue to send in good-quality games stories - we're ahead of the curve on a lot of the more interesting pieces because you guys care, and send in the info.

That be all - check in in another 6 months for a similarly uninteresting journal entry, wontcha?

Journal Journal: Games, games, and more games.

So, apparently I don't update my Slashdot journal too often. Woops.

Anyhow, we're all pleased with how Slashdot Games is going. We've settled down to about an average of seven posts a day, and we're trying to vary things up between console, PC, hardware, software, mainstream, quirky, and even a little boardgaming news on the side.

What do we want? Just continuing good submissions, 'Ask Slashdot Games' style questions about the best games in certain genres and styles, and your attention. We do have your attention, right?

Otherwise, be sure to remember to check out the Slashdot Games subsite separately from the Slashdot mainpage, of course, because most Slashdot Games stories don't appear on the front page. But you knew that already. See y'all soon, y'all.

Journal Journal: Slashdot Games - RSS Feed, Ask Games, Etc.

So I thought it might be a good idea to keep helpful or otherwise interesting info, comments, and requests about Slashdot Games in this journal. Sure, only a few people may check it out, but hopefully those who do may find it helpful.

Firstly, many of you may not know that Slashdot Games has an RSS feed of its own, which is at Feel free to subscribe, but don't hit it too many times in a short space of time, otherwise the bandwidth gods will smite you mightily. You wouldn't like that.

Secondly, I've really been digging the 'Ask Slashdot Games' style questions we've been getting submitted recently, like 'What's the best 2-player co-op title?' or 'Gaming suggestions for a non-gamer?'. If people would like to submit questions along those lines (say, 'What's the best fighting series?', or discussing the best of a certain genre), I'd love to run those questions more often. They always seem to generate pretty interesting discussions.

Most Slashdot Games posts can only be seen if you go to, or are logged on and have the 'Sections Collapsed' box ticked for your homepage preferences. That's because they're posts that are intentionally limited to the Games section. If you get really cheesed off with Games posts appearing on your main page, either turn off 'Sections Collapsed' or explicitly exclude the 'Games' section by using the tickbox in homepage preferences. You knew all that, right? Excellent. Any more questions, you know where to find me - thanks for reading.

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