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Comment Re:Yet more evidence QWZX (Score 1) 120

And you've taken a look at all the paid upgrades to Mac OS X and you know just how many different little features they've added, and you can unequivocally say that each paid upgrade is a minor update. You know all about the enhancements to Preview, or the other features of Safari (private browsing, etc.), or the other features of TextEdit (can open Microsoft Word documents, can read tables) that have come with each paid upgrade. Right. Oh, by the way? If you wanna talk about free stuff, let's talk about Xcode, let's talk about CoreAudio, CoreVideo, CoreImage, CoreAnimation, CoreData, QTKit, PDFKit, etc., etc. Xcode is a free IDE, and the rest are all free APIs. And then let's talk about WebKit, let's talk about Bonjour networking, launchd, and Calendar Server. These are all open-source projects that Apple's made. More free stuff. I guess that's part of the "MAC philosophy", to charge $0 for stuff. Yup, that's right! Apple charges people out the ass for all that $0!

Let's just address one more thing: "MAC" does not equal "Mac". "MAC" refers to the MAC address of your ethernet hardware. A "Mac" is a computer designed by Apple. Can you please get that straight before your next trolling?

Oh, you still haven't addressed why you think Apple is cynical for giving discounts to educational customers, but why it's perfectly un-cynical for Microsoft to foist Windows software/hardware on class-action settlement claimants, or to sell a fundamentally broken product (Windows) and then charge for another product (OneCare) -- a yearly charge, in fact -- in order to protect that broken product. Oh, but that's right, you're a Windows troll, so you ignore logical arguments and only weasel your way into other questions to make it look like you know what you're doing even though you're really just a dumbass.

Haha, lol, and then you call me a zealot. Hint: there are these little things called "facts", you might want to check them out.

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