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Journal Journal: "Omega 13" device made reality, for your email.

Google has developed a new extension for their Gmail web-based mail service which has the brought the functionality of the fictional Omega 13 device from the movie Galaxy Quest to real life. Gmail Custom Time allows you to back-date an email you send, then actually send it back in time, and not just 13 seconds. Now, thanks to this groundbreaking research project completed by Google Labs, you can, e.g., get that perfect IT job for which you applied too late (among many other uses).

Google's research project was exhaustive, even testing how this new method of "rewriting history" affects people's experience of the reality of time. Through their work, they derived a formula which shows this past-altering technology can only be used ten times by any one person. After that, the collective human consciousness develops an innate loss of faith in the continuity of the space-time continuum, with potentially catastrophic consequences for our interactions with the inherent quantum nature of reality. Spooky stuff.

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Journal Journal: Ask Slashdot: Malware blogs a new vector?

Through some search terms found on Google Trends, I've noticed that there are bunches of apparently fake "blogs" on Blogspot. Here's one example:

Clicking on one of the "videos" posted on these blogs redirects you toward a site Firefox flags for malware downloading (even though I'm on Linux -- thank you 'Fox :).

There seem to be hundreds of these random malware blogs. Is this a new phenomenon? Or have "trusting bloggers" been getting infected this way for some time now?

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Journal Journal: A Controversial Entry?

OK, I've been reluctant to post this lest my karma be obliterated to hades (for whatever reason). I'm worried on two counts:

1.) No one will believe me since this has become a "/. phenomenon;"
2.) I'll look like a meta-troll, just taking another sideways shot at "that guy."

Anyway, my mind is made up, so here goes.

I was the first person to tag an article submitted by Roland Piquepaille as 'ohnoitsroland'. Seriously. I'm the creator of the whole ohnoitsroland meme.

Why post this? OK, I suppose I want some sort of /. claim to fame. But I've seen posts where some others hinted that ohnoitsroland was their thing. It's only fair to place any credit -- or blame -- where it properly belongs.

Anyway, that's all. Nothing to see here. This isn't the journal entry you're looking for. Move along.

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