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Comment Capitalism (Score 1, Troll) 205

Hey Americans, welcome to capitalism! Your politicians, backed by large companies and army, are pushing it globally down everyone's throat for 50 years now, at least. Now it is coming back home. Prepare soon to find out that there is guy in China or India capable of doing anything you can do for 1/3 money you need only to keep food on the table and pay bills. And forget about Sanders, capitalism will crush any Sanders standing in his way.

Comment Full suport, as an European (Score 1) 156

Obviously, it is always difficult to opose white male people, but this is right thing to do. Es an European, I can't see any contribution of hate speech to our societies. Perhaps European Commision could form protected rooms ("hate clubs") where those people (white male uneducated + "fachidiots" angry mob) can express their frustrations towards various minorities, while not disturbing normal people.

Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 0) 547

According to your name, you are Eastern-European. Don't get me wrong, but sometimes Iranian culturally way more European then east-Europeans. Way that you poor nations from the east of Europe care about immigration while no immigrant would even go there is sort of funny. And you say "WE" Europeans, like immigrants care about Balkans, Czech or Romania. You are not "WE", you are poor, try to change that first before you start helping Germany, France, Britain, Netherlands... with immigration problems. Calm down, in the next 50 years at least Eastern Europe is completely safe from any immigration. Actually, there is lot of emigrants FROM Eastern Europe.

Comment Re:America Doesn't Have a Gun Problem... (Score 3, Insightful) 935

From European perspective, this discussion is clearly frightening as hell. You guys sound like bunch of cowboys from Wild West saloon (tm). I am already tired of news about mass shootings in US, and I am not living there. Perhaps, just perhaps, owning so many weapons has something to do with it? One guy is even calling Donald Trump do the rescue (of his "rights")! With president Trump You are moving from current "country with two almost same parties" into "country run by crazy person" game, with Russia, North Korea or Cuba. Not that I care, just 2c.

Comment Re:How is this news for nerds (Score 1) 320

Thats BS. I was refugee at one point, and at that moment, when I had to left everything I had and knew, obviously I chose rather prosper and rich european country. You need to learn language and start over, so it is good idea not to choose country that your children will have to escape from like you did.

Comment Re:Not Totalitarian (Score 5, Interesting) 75

Actually, I lived in then Yugoslavia, and we actually thought that both USSR and US (for handling of black people, supporting juntas everywhere) are "weirdo" countries on radical political corners, and we are normal people in the middle of the road. Now, with all info I have, I still think that was pretty accurate description of what was going on. Calling Yugoslavia "dictatorship" or even "totalitarian" is laughable for people who lived there.

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