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Comment Re:People associate it wrongly (Score 1) 209

Unfortunately, prospective employers tend to judge you before they meet you. It's kind of their job.

Even though Microsoft used comic books as an example, finding another comic book geek isn't going to be the use of this method... it's going to be used to find someone with a compatible sexual fetish. That information definitely does not need to be available to employers, coworkers, family, etc unless you choose to make it so.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 249

You really think someone is going to spend the effort and legal liability of cracking a government code just to save $4 on 10 letters? Especially once people start getting denied because the same person sent out 10 letters over and over. Besides... easy fix. Put the address you are sending to in the message, keep that in a database and compare once the letter actually comes in.

Comment Re:Get a USB hub (Score 1) 297

Or leave the dock right by the monitor, and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Basically just agreeing with you: this is a problem that has already been solved. In many ways. The Evo 4G already has HDMI out, and with a customized USB hub could run just about any peripheral needed for consumer purposes while recharging the phone. Storage? just use the cloud. How much space do you need in a consumer device now that media is generally streamed? Of course the software and OS probably aren't quite there for getting it to run smoothly, but that's just a matter of time.

Real work will still probably be done on a traditional desktop or laptop for some time now, but that's a different story. Anyways, the future probably isn't so much with a dock that allows for bigger and better I/O as it is a way to connect the smartphone to the PC so the actual run state of a program can be shifted from one device to another similar to dragging a window between screens of a multi monitor setup. This would take a revolution in the way DRM is handled, probably something along the lines of cloud computing with the PC and phone acting as thin clients. Unless the economy crashes and noone can afford it.

Comment Re:Can it run my Steam games? (Score 1) 297

The last games I have heard people in the real world talking about are Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies and the Android port of Vendetta. While PC gaming isn't going to absolutely go away anytime soon, I don't foresee it being a growth market. We are probably at the point where new PC gaming studios will open only as fast as old ones close or are absorbed into behemoths like EA. New creative indie gamers are mostly going to be doing their first games for cell phones as a pervasive distribution system with modest pricing schemes is now integral to the experience.

To anyone who disagrees: what is the last new genre of video game that is largely installed (by installed I mean not played in the browser) on PCs? PC gaming is pretty much dominated by FPS, roleplaying, life sim and RTS/TBS. All genres that were pretty well codified in the '90s, with changes since then largely being evolutionary rather than revolutionary, or of the "but on the INTERNET!" variety.

To put it in numbers, Angry Birds has 50 million shipped, which is more than three times as many as the biggest selling PC game The Sims at 16 Million. Wii has 7 games that sold better than The Sims. The DS has 5 games that sold better than The Sims.

So no, PC gaming probably isn't going to go away for a bit. On the other hand, it really isn't going anywhere at all.

Comment Re:Panspermia (Score 2) 199

This is far from panspermia. That is the theory that life itself came from space. This is just saying that Nitrogen is brought to the earth by meteorites.

Really, this should just be one big "duh" to anyone who has read up on theory of planetary formation. Basically, the whole planet is made up of meteorites that crashed together. And maybe a couple times it was large aggregations of meteorites that collided into the growing mass, and even small planetoid bodies such as the event that is theorized to have created the moon. But those planetoid bodies were made by the collisions of numerous meteors, dust particles, etc.

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