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Journal Journal: AT&T Blocks Firefox?

If you visit this site in Firefox 3 (Beta 2), you are given a 'Website Maintenance' message. However, if you open up Internet Explorer, and open the same site, you get the actual site.

I would post pictures, but I'm worried about the /. effect.
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Journal Journal: Penalized for being a Good Consumer

I *just* got off of the phone with two member of Chase Credit Card's finest, a customer service care representative, and an Account supervisor by the name of 'Jason'.

Backstory: I paid the account balance for January after the due date for december, and when I went to check my online account balance today, seemingly it hadn't posted for the month of January yet. Confused, I placed a call to Chase Credit Card customer service, and was told that because I had paid January's money "Early" (but after the Due date for December), it had not been applied to my account for Janauary, as I wanted it to be.

I was also told that this was an error on my part, and that it could not be rectified, and that I could make a payment today with no convienence charge (gee, thanks). I told the customer care representative that I'd like to speak to his supervisor.

His supervisor took more than 5 minutes to take the phone off of hold ( I can only imagine that the customer care person was telling the supervisor what was up) and when he answered, I re-explained the entire situation to him, and was immediately asked, "Well, you can't make the payment today?" I said, "I've already made the payment for this month, last month" to which he replied that even though the 'error' was made in Good Faith, that it was my responsibility to manage my account.

I then asked him if it was fair to say that consumers that pay early (as in After the previous month's due date, but before that 'mystical' date where the account cycle ends) that they were penalized because the accounts weren't credited when they should be.

In a show of pure ignorance, said Customer "Account Supervisor" (Jason) told me that my logic was that I could make 12 payments the first twelve dates of January and not make a payment for the rest of the year!

After he knocked the strawman down, I told him my precise logic: If I make a payment for this month's due date electroically today, and I make a payment after the due date (and after the previous payment has been received) than I should expect said payment to go towards next month's balance.

Apparantly this isn't so, and Chase refuses to apply that payment to where it should be applied to. I even asked him if there was a way that I could get in touch with him to discuss this again, and he said "No." He also said that his supervisor was unavailable, and could not fix this, even if it was fixable.

Having been in the Military, I refuse to believe that there isn't anyone at Chase that can assist me in this matter. If there isn't, then perhaps Chase isn't the Credit Card company for me. Where this leaves me is that I paid 50 bucks for December's Bill, paid 50 bucks after December's bill had been paid, and now am forced (to 'keep' good standing) to pay another 34 dollars for an account that I've already paid this month.

Money isn't the issue, but it very well could be, since I am a full time College Student.

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