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Submission + - Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple for E-book Price Fixing

An anonymous reader writes: Reuters reports: 'A federal judge in New York granted class certification on Friday to a group of consumers who sued Apple Inc for conspiring with five major publishers to fix e-book prices in violation of antitrust law....The plaintiffs are seeking more than $800 million in damages.' The trial will probably be in July or September. The judge who granted class certification, Denise Cote, ruled in 2013 that Apple was guilty of colluding with other publishers to raise the price of e-books and to force to do the same.

Comment Lawyers. Who needs 'em (Score 3, Interesting) 388

Quite a few years ago I had an e-mail account with my ISP, and it received an e-mail from a lawyer to their client, which contained some personal information. I replied, to let them know that it hadn't reached the intended recipient. Shortly thereafter, that e-mail account stopped working for me.

I hadn't used the account for anything even remotely important, so I didn't bother trying to get it back.

Comment Re:he used the seed as Roundup-Ready (Score 1) 419

The original sale isn't a sale, it's a license to use for a specific purpose with clear and well known conditions. Farmers are well aware of the conditions of the licenses they sign, and the farmers who buy second-hand are well aware of the conditions of the license. The secondary market purchasers are knowing parties to contract violation - and that is an action known to law. And since the secondary "sale" wasn't valid at law, the secondary "purchaser" is infringing the patent - which is also an action known to law.

If you licensed a car from Ford, and the terms of the license clearly and unambigiously prohibit assigning (selling) the license to third parties and the terms are well known to anyone even remotely related to the Ford market, then damn right Ford should be able to sue secondary "buyers" for patent infringement.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 2) 395

HFT arbitrage largely exists because of the ability to make bids/offers with no intention of completing the transaction. It's arbitrage -only- because they have the ability to act in bad faith in contracting for a sale. Cancelling bids/offers should be permitted only where there is a bona fide reason which would be valid in other contractual context - like typographical errors and honest mistake where enforcing would be manifestly unjust.

Comment Re:Stupid. (Score 2) 386

Minor correction. The decision on whether to count the ballot at the polling station lies exclusively with the deputy returning officer. Scrutineers are, however, permitted to object to any ballot being improperly counted, or spoiled. The impugned ballot is noted by the DRO, and subject to review if necessary.

But you're right, paper ballots work just fine. And counting by hand doesn't meaningfully slow down the process of results for polling stations from being made public.

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