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Journal Journal: I should know better

I really should have known better then to leave myself logged into Slashdot on Moon's computer. I guess I got lucky. He could have revealed all my secrets. Like that time we caught herpes from that hooker in the falls.

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Journal Journal: asdf

get text
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"."}
        set ip_ADDRESS to "" as string
        set OCT_1 to text item 1 of ip_ADDRESS as integer
        set OCT_2 to text item 2 of ip_ADDRESS as integer
        set OCT_3 to text item 3 of ip_ADDRESS as integer
        set OCT_4 to text item 4 of ip_ADDRESS as integer
end try

set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {""}

display dialog {"Computer 1's Address: ", OCT_1, ".", OCT_2, ".", OCT_3, ".", OCT_4 + 0} as string
display dialog {"Computer 2's Address: ", OCT_1, ".", OCT_2, ".", OCT_3, ".", OCT_4 + 1} as string
display dialog {"Computer 3's Address: ", OCT_1, ".", OCT_2, ".", OCT_3, ".", OCT_4 + 2} as string
display dialog {"Computer 4's Address: ", OCT_1, ".", OCT_2, ".", OCT_3, ".", OCT_4 + 3} as string

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Journal Journal: borring..

Applied for job, had interview on thursday, "expect a call 1-2 weeks, training starts christmas holidays", etc, etc. It would be nice if I got it, the extra money I would have to save for school. Then I would be able to pickup my school laptop, and school camera (not that I need that camera :>)
It's about time to retire my SLR, films outdated, the new Digital SLRS are low priced. I figure I sell my dark room equipment, along with the camera. Get a decent digital camera that I can attach forigen lenes onto, and all will be set.
Only time will tell, new jobs write the future.
Saving will be the way to go..
until next time.

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Journal Journal: Snow! I love it!

This is the best thing in the world! driving in snow. I love snow, It's my life line, I might as well be a snowman, call me Seanny Snowmanathon. Or Seann for short. Dodging left and right, swinging around corners, it's great.
Today I went out with Brad and lil Drew, to Walmart. We saw jim at his counter, but he wasn't working, just visiting and buying misc things. We proceeded to proclaim loudly what to steal, and how Episode II looks just perfect, and maybe spiderman. He payed no attention to us, ignored us if you will, after his "I know you steal Brad, I'm gonna keep an eye on you." speech before he left Harveys.
Then we dined, saw Eric Page, friend from years ago, then drew and brad went at it.
They were determining wheather or not you faught Seymour one more time inside of SIN.
I didn't take sides, because I'm fuzzy about it.
I drove them home after that, then jumped on the QEW, what a grand day.
Still looking for a decent paying job, I was thinking about UPS the other night, that could be interesting.

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Journal Journal: Well it's interesting.

My job at radio shack is fairly interesting, except my girlfriend thinks she is the best thing in the world next to sliced bread. I'm sure I'd be more happy for her if she worked in a store that didn't get as much traffic in one hour, as we do in 3 days.

I get an average of 400-700$ a day in sales for 5.5 hours, thats not to bad considering I never get approached with somebody who wants a TV, they usualy had just bought a new TV/VCR/DVD player, and now want cables, Or batteries for their cables, Or cables for their batteries. Exciting world.

I like my job, however, I do believe they are not going to keep me. As I've said, I don't do enough sales. Which is sad, but I do have some full time hours coming up, so I guess we'll see.

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Journal Journal: *ahem* *tap* *tap* *tap* is this thing on?

I totally forgot about calling radio shack today, and apparently I got the job!
I called at 4:22pm, talked to Dar, she told me that the DM was in, and said something afterwards, I was so shocked I didn't even hear it (well I did but it didn't register).

She told me to come in today or tomorrow to fill out some paper work, (Just like my baby! who also got a job at the square one). So I'm going after chris eats.

I hope they have some clue that Kris is my girlfriend, I probably won't be able to work the square.

Even worse, I have to walk in her shoes!
She's the best saleswomen!

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Journal Journal: RadioShack

I applied at RadioShack today (intertan), and I'm left wondering if I will get hired part time. The interview seamed to go well, except when I had to do an on-line test.

They asked the usual questions like "Would you steal" "what would you do if you got caught stealing", etc, etc. And there was even some math questions (I had to resist the urge to alt+esc+r calc to do the math.. I only used it to check the results of one question!), and the ever famous "How many days of school do you miss."

I don't like how they ask you if you've been absent from school for no reason, etc. I don't consider school like work, I never skip out of work, if I'm scheduled to work, I will be there. If I goto school every day, and don't feel good one day, I can make it up the next by jumping ahead and doing extra work. I don't get paid for going to school (not even by knowledge, I don't learn at school)

It's an odd situation, almost done school. I have 2 months left (end of january) and I just need these 3 credits.

Let's see what happens.

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Journal Journal: That world called rubber.

I road home from my girlfriends house on a bike without a tube.
earlier we got into a small argument on super conductors, heat and cold, and which goes faster.
I said:

"well my batteries died on the way over to your house, but after they cool down they'll be more responsive and I'll get another half hour out of them."

she concluded that:

"it doesn't make sense,"
"sure it does, just like keeping computers circuits/silicon cold, they use gold and cool it to run really fast"
"metal with higher temperatures conduct far better than cold ones."


So after we got home, she persisted to and tried to find the answer. I then went on google and got a document about super conductors (IBM researchers), and she concluded she was right. (said metals operate at better temperaturs at 16K below absolute zero.)

I just went over a book that I recently read a week ago (Great book, read it in a night, just couldn't put it down)

The Science of the X-Men, Link Yaco, p203 "Super-computers, incidentally, use liquid helium, which is more easily compressible, to super-cool their gold-plated circuits. When gold is cooled enough, it becomes a super-conductor, which might be iceman's state to some extent. Keep that in mind as we get some later ideas."


I guess I'm right to an extent.
well, that's gold.... gold is one of the elements that has sort of strange tendancies I guess....

She has more schooling than me, I trust her, I don't however, trust her at the same time. Wonder who's right?

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