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Journal Journal: Mission Accomplished with Dr. K

Dr. K was snoozing yesterday and I was ready. I got two photos. One was kind of blurry, the other one was decent. I did not use the flash for fear of startling him and enraging him. It is very important for a wildlife photographer to take these things into consideration.

Onwards in the documentation of all aspects of corporate existence...

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Journal Journal: Thwarted by Dr. K

So today, I had the camera, and it was eerily quiet around 3pm, so I looked over the cubicle wall and sure enough, Dr. K was asleep.

I went to grab my camera and took it out of its case. Unfortunately just then Dr. K. started making waking up noises. Blast! One day I will capture this phenomenon photographically.

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Journal Journal: Dr. K's sleep blog, entry 2

Dr. K started snoring a few minutes ago. I am full of regret at the missed opportunity to get a good photo. I even thought about bringing the digital camera in today, but figured 'no way would he fall asleep at work again so soon'.

Well, it is Friday afternoon, guess we should cut the dude some slack, eh?

You may be asking: why don't you wake him up? Well, aside from the not really too bad snoring, it's nice to have it quiet here for a bit, that's why.

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Journal Journal: Dr. K is asleep again

Dr. K is the nickname we have assigned our co-worker at this corporation, which is one of the companies making up the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He has worked here for many years, and has been asleep in his cubicle no less than 4 times in the past 9 months, which is really not too bad.

The unfortunate thing is we are never prepared when we start hearing the snoring. Nobody has a digital camera, or shaving cream, or a bowl of warm water, nothing. Maybe next time we will be ready.

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