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Journal Journal: Now i'ma dork

I went through my filezilla server logs and found that two IPs had barraged my little FTP server with like thousands of login attempts. Must be a program that does that. Oh well ... I learned how to block IPs. Blocked like 32 of them.

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Journal Journal: Word

September. 10th. 2 weeks of senior year come and gone.
Working on:
Jobs -- and why I can't seem to find them, post my resume. Hire me -- I'm good at lots of things.
Car -- smokes still, but rrrrrwwwwooooommmm ... bawwooooooshhhh!
School -- 4 aero, 1 german, softball, and i'm riding a bike. And a MSF course.
TMS -- not sure about a fall event.

Links made the world go round: -- a friend in HK
WMUC -- and I just got a shoutout from PMD for making a mention of the "spray" No, don't ask if you don't want to know.

I'm gonna link this to TMS and rock some pics. Maybe. Another beer.

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Journal Journal: August already

Drank beer. Turned wrenches. Organized tools.

New apartment is sweeter than last. Better room. :)

Room for ... a chair? I dunno.

Got a superman tan at Oak Island. Camaro made it there and back!

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Journal Journal: Made it through the semester

No, hell to that ... I MADE IT THROUGH TWO YEARS doing that stuff that I do best. Oh man oh man ...
And I survived! Well, I smashed the shit out of my toe (oowowowwowowowowowwowowwwwww!), but hey, small sacrifice.

Aooogah! I'm alive. :) I'm sooo glad to be done with junior year, the RA gig, dorm life, and ... it's summertime! Woooohoooo!

Time to drink beer and turn wrenches!

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Journal Journal: No EFA shootout for me this time

Well, didn't want to beat on Ken's car ... and since mine is in a million pieces, and I didn't get inspired enough to finish the clutch ... I won't be setting any bests at the shootout.

I'll get it all together early this summer. Whoa yea. :)


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Journal Journal: The College Board sucks

The College Board sucks. Go ahead and call them at 609-771-7600. Better yet, call them collect, since they rake in dough through tests.

$28.50 for an archived score report? Thank you very much, I'll be digging through my attic. Fockers.


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