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Submission + - The Evolution of Security

ChelleChelle writes: In this article Daniel E. Geer, chief scientist and vice president of Verdasys, provides a different and interesting look at security. Working with the premise that security is a set of trade-offs and, as such, is risk management, Geer analyses the pros and cons of utilizing software monoculture or having diversity to promote security. To arrive at the answer as to which is the best method, Geer looks to nature — in specific, to social insects such as honeybees. A very interesting article for those who agree (or even those who don't!) that nature is a natural guide to computing.

Submission + - MLB Denies Blogger Media Credential for ASG

Joliet Jake writes: "A few of my readers suggested that I submit my story to Slashdot. I have to admit I'm pretty ignorant about your site so forgive me if I've wasted your time here. crib notes: I asked for media credentials as a blogger from Major League Baseball to the 2007 All-Star Game. I was denied, as expected. I mentioned it in my post here: _media_crede.html I didn't realize how much of a controversy this subect was until my email box started filling up this morning. Email after email suggested that I continue to push for access.. from lawyers, government officials, and even journalists. I was pretty surprised. After I modified my post adding that I should look into putting a sports bloggers association together, every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the country decided to email me saying that was a great idea. But is it? I'm really curious what everyone thinks about the subject. I'm torn between not wanting to see bloggers in the clubhouse from the ex-player side of me, to wanting to see these sports giants swing the doors open more as a blogger because I'm well aware of how much real news never gets out that should. Thank you for your time."

Student Arrested for Making Videogame Map of School 998

tanman writes "A student at the Houston-area Clements High School was arrested, sent to an "Alternative Education Center" and banned from graduation after school officials found he created a video game map of his school. School district police arrested the teen and searched his home where they confiscated a hammer as a 'potential weapon'. ' "They decided he was a terroristic threat," said one source close to the district's investigation.' With an upcoming May 12 school board election, this issue has quickly become political, with school board members involved in the appeal accusing each other of pandering to the Chinese community in an attempt to gain votes."

Submission + - Internet2 taken our by stray cigarette

AlHunt writes: "A fire started by a homeless man knocked out service between Boston and New York on the experimental Internet2 network Tuesday night. Authorities say the fire, which also disrputed service on the Red Line subway, started around 8:20 p.m. when a homeless man tossed a lit cigarette. The cigarette landed on a mattress, which ignited and led to a two-alarm fire."

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