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Comment More FUD. It was much higher 450 million years ago (Score 3, Informative) 696

CO2 levels of more than 4000 parts per million (ppm) occurred during the Ordovician-Silurian (450 million years ago). There is also evidence of a glacial event occurring during this period. from:

Comment Re:Have to buy the top bundle to get ONE channel (Score 1) 614

Regarding #2 If that's their logic (or yours), forcing the purchase of the top tier knowing you MAY not want the other channels so they can subsidize FuelTV with the revenue from everyone else who doesn't watch it then that's just stupid. I'd pay a premium on the lower tier just to get FuelTV.

Comment Have to buy the top bundle to get ONE channel (Score 1) 614

This is my rant. On Verizon and Time Warner if you want the FuelTV channel which is where the MMA fights are covered live, you can only get it by buying the most expensive package. It's their Super duper deluxe with a bazillion channels I don't care about. But it's the only one where you can get Fuel.

When You Really, Really Want to Upgrade a Tiny Notebook 104

Benz145 writes "The famous Sony VAIO UX UMPC may have been cancelled a few years back by Sony, but the community at Micro PC Talk won't let it die. Modder Anh has carefully removed the relatively slow 1.33Ghz Core Solo CPU and installed a much faster Intel Core 2 Duo U7700 (a process which involves reballing the entire CPU). On top of this, he managed to install an incredibly small 4-port USB hub into the unit which allowed for the further instillation of a Huawei E172 modem for 3G data/voice/SMS, a GPS receiver, and a Pinnacle HD TV receiver. All of this was done without modifying the device's tiny external case. Great high-res pictures of the motherboard with the modded hardware can be seen through the link."

Woman Wins Libel Suit By Suing Wrong Website 323

An anonymous reader writes "It appears that Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones and her lawyer were so upset by a comment on the site that they missed the 'y' at the end of the name. Instead, they sued the owner of, whose owner didn't respond to the lawsuit. The end result was a judge awarding $11 million, in part because of the failure to respond. Now, both the owners of and are complaining that they're being wrongfully written about in the press — one for not having had any content about Sarah Jones but being told it needs to pay $11 million, and the other for having the content and having the press say it lost a lawsuit, even though no lawsuit was ever actually filed against it."

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