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Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 604

But they will if they can find it. There is nothing a rat will do in captivity that he wouldn't do in the wild if given a chance. The chances just don't happen in the wild. Hell we push that button in our own natural habitat, what makes you think a rat has any better impulse control out of captivity?

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 604

Please explain how deforestation, global warming and pollution are not shit that happens. They all happen with or without us to make them happen, deforestation, and pollution are usually the results of a volcanic explosion, but can also be the results of an asteroid strike. Global warming has happened many times before men had any hand in it. If it hadn't we wouldn't be here. We may contribute to any of the disasters you name as "made to happen" but we also are a force of nature, in other words we are shit that keeps happening. Don't forget that a beaver builds a dam for a beavers purposes, we build dams for our purposes which one is not natural?

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 604

I don't see how your reference to history refutes in any way his statement that baby boomers parents heavily exploited nature. Maybe you don't consider grandparents parents? Granted they were not solely responsible for it but hey they did do a good job. And yeah they were my parents too in a broad sense of the word parent.

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