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Comment Ever hear od redundancy (Score 1) 983

Redundancy is the way you do it.
You have an identical system as the first one, with 30TB of drive space, and every night you copy the data over to the other system. That will cover you for anything short of a house fire/tornado/earthquake/flood.

Comment Re:Concierge service (Score 1) 183

Property Rights are very specific, and the Government can take away any amount of your property they feel like, they just have to give you Due Process.
Eminent Domain
Confiscation of Property

You'll find that the Constitution doesn't really say that just because you paid Money for it, it's all yours whinewhine! Really it says the opposite.
Not to mention, Cloud Services, you're not even BUYING anything. You're renting, with an incredibly obnoxious EULA holding you by the gonnads threatening to rip them off if you so much as cough in a way that displeases the Cloud Service Provider.

Comment Re:Concierge service (Score 1) 183

the commercial world where access is purchased and thus entitled based on a little thing called the constitution

That you actually believe this is frightening on levels I can't even begin to express. I mean, really. You think that stuff that's purchased somehow gives you entitlement to the Constitution? That shows such a massive miss-understanding of what the Constitution is and does that it's actually worry some that you have the ability to vote.

Comment OCS Inventory (Score 1) 165

It has a discover mode, that will reach out and basically ping every IP address. It's a big job for the initial round but afterwards, it's pretty easy to keep track.

It also has an inventory client/agent for linux, mac and windows computers and servers. And It's open source and free as in beer, and also speech.

Comment Re:Comparison of technologies (Score 4, Funny) 624

When I was 12, I went to the Post Office to pick up a money order that was in my name. All I had on me for ID was my French Passport (not being a US citizen at the time). The lady said she couldn't take a foreign passport as proof of ID, and asked me to provide my driver's license.

I mentally facepalmed, and informed her I was 12, and unlikely to have a driver's license anytime in the near future.

Most people with a modicum of authority are idiots.

Comment Re:How do you determine healthy food? (Score 2) 455

Because Americans don't know how to cook vegetables. Most americans veggies taste bad, and not tasty. People are raised with their mothers having done horrid things to vegetables, and now they won't eat them.

Add to that, that Veggies are EXPENSIVE, and you get a double edged sword.

You want to improve dietary health in america, bring back Home Ec in school. Teach everyone how to cook, at least the staples. But if all you eat are canned veggies, you're going to hate veggies.

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