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Comment Coolidge is underrated (Score 3, Interesting) 230

.Pamela Jones said the following:

Calvin Coolidge. Lordy. If there is a top ten list of worst presidents in the history of the nation, might he win the top spot? He is definitely in the top ten.

I've never understood why Coolidge was considered a poor president. His tenure seems exceptional and he remained popular even up to his resignation. His actions on civil rights were particularly enlightened, even though thwarted by Democrats in the legislature. Perhaps people don't like him cause he was a Republican. Who knows?

Comment Hypothetical question (Score 1) 987

If I hacked into Michael Moore's computer, and then found and leaked a lot of embarrassing private material revealing Moore to be a hypocritical douche bag, and then I got arrested for this, would Michael bail me out of jail?

Of course I wouldn't need his bail money cause there would be a million or so other people ahead of him, but -- you know -- just asking.

Comment Re:Socialism never disappoints (Score 1) 248

I use the conventional definition of socialism, which is where the means of production are in the hands of the government. By this definition the Scandinavian countries are not particularly socialist (although highly distributive). Venezuela is fast becoming a socialist country, particularly as the rate of expropriation seems to be increasing.

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