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Submission + - 'iPhone in stores June 15 - in limited quantities' (texyt.com)

The Emperor Vespasian writes: Many stores operated by AT&T, the exclusive carrier for Apple's iPhone mobile phone, say they expect to have the iPhone in stock on June 15, but will have only a handful of phones in stock initially, according to AT&T retail staff at a number of stores. Is the iPhone going to see the same kind of carefully stage-managed scarcity that attended the launch of video games consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3?

Submission + - Microsoft Surface bears striking resemblance to Bu (blorge.com)

secretsather writes: "http://tech.blorge.com/Structure:%20/2007/05/31/mi crosoft-surface-bears-striking-resemblance-to-bump top/

Microsoft Surface bears striking resemblance to Bumptop

By now, you've probably already heard of Microsoft's former 'top secret' project, known as Surface, which is a table-shaped computer that boasts a 30 touch screen for interactive 'touch' computing. It's certainly a great idea, but everyone seems to be missing the fact that this technology has been done before, in a prototype known as Bumptop.

The YouTube video (shown above) of Bumptop was added just a little under 1 year ago, and has since become the #1 watched video with over 1.8 million views to date.

The Microsoft Surface video (shown above) looks exactly like Bumptop, despite being a bit more polished.

Microsoft claims its idea for Surface came about in 2001, but oddly enough, no one from Microsoft, or anywhere else for that matter had mentioned this technology in the past. The idea is being played off as a 'top secret' project from Microsoft, justifying the delay in the announcement.

So was Surface dreamed up after Bumptop? Would you put it past Microsoft to copy someone else's technology, fabricate a history for it, and 1 year later release its 'future computing interface?'

The cards are on the table; you decide."


Submission + - Kodak to Sell Inkjet Printers With Low Cost Ink

rocketjam writes: "Kodak is introducing a line of desktop inkjet printers in March. They are entering a market crowded with well-established players. To compete with HP, Epson, Canon and Lexmark, Kodak plans to differentiate their line of printers with low-cost replacement ink cartridges. Rather than selling the printers at a loss and making up the difference and future profits by selling expensive replacement cartridges, Kodak's entry-level printer will be priced at $150, but ink cartridges will cost roughly half of what most other companies charge. Black ink cartridges will be sold for $10 and 5-ink color cartridges will cost $15. I've maintained for some time that if a big player in the inkjet printer market began selling their inks for substantially less than the rip-off, liquid gold prices the market leaders charge, they could quickly gain significant market share. I'll be interested to see if this happens."

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