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Submission + - Can Certifications be Used to Make Corporations Ethical? (

robot_love writes: Campaigns like are growing in popularity, but other than bringing bad publicity lack the power to make corporations change. PlayIRL intends to close the gap by providing solid financial information of just how much money these corporations are missing out on by not acting ethically.
We give points out to players for purchasing products that we have certified as ethical and/or sustainable. The players with the most points at the end of the year win prizes. We then use their combined financial clout as a stick to force corporations to act ethically. Please check out the new site, sign up to play, or check out or FAQ.

Submission + - Gamification of Ethical Purchasing to Rein-In Corporations - Site Launched!

robot_love writes: As a long-time Slashdot reader I've read more than one moan about the excesses of corporations and the corruption of politics. In an attempt to remedy this, I've built a web site ( which gamifies the purchasing of ethical products.

Based on the successful LEED and FSC projects, PlayIRL extends the "audit certification" model to anything that can be audited as decided by our members. The goal is to use the spending power of our members to influence corporations, organizations and politicians into more ethical behavior, to eliminate externalities. Players receive points for making ethical purchases, attending community events, and generally contributing to the well being of humanity. While you don't need to pay to play, membership will provide advantages in allowing you to vote on IRL direction and certifications. All players will have the chance to win prizes at the end of the year for the highest point totals.

The site is beta but fully functional. I've uploaded a couple hundred dollars of receipts already. Feedback is welcome. Here's some information about us:
Here's a demonstration about how to play:
Here's our FAQ:
I assume the site will experience Slashdoted-ness. I'll try and resolve any issues as quickly as I can.

Comment Re:Waste of Time (Score 1) 611

This makes the problem worse, not better. The facts around Jesus' death and resurrection MUST be true if Christianity is to have any value. If the stories in the Bible are a rough guide, you must throw out the Jesus miracles.

If you do throw them out, you're left with a book that has no more value than the next "self-help" book on Amazon, and probably quite a bit less (few current self-help books advocate the horrors that the Bible does).

Comment Re:Waste of Time (Score 4, Insightful) 611

I've always found this particular combination confusing. If evolutionary theory is true, there were no physical Adam and Eve. If there were no Adam and Eve, there was no original sin. If there was no original sin, we do not need Christ's atonement.

If we don't need Christ's atonement, what possible use could there be for being a Christian?

Not trying to be confrontational, just wondering how you reconciled these things.

Comment Re:Btsync (Score 1) 285

I've been using it without issue for a few months to sync 2TB of media across a couple of computers. Transfers don't start immediately, but they go quickly once they do.

They're apparently developing a feature where the folder on the other computer will be encrypted, allowing you to swap space with your neighbor and have off-site storage without him poking into your business. I'm eagerly awaiting this...

Comment Re:Yes (Score 4, Funny) 371

I got this one, boys.

Let me translate what you said to a car analogy, then you can see if your statement still makes sense.

"Your car is unsafe because it was recalled due to a seat-belt issue. You should ride a motorbike like me. It's never been recalled for seat belt issues."

Comment Re:Mutually Assured Destruction (Score 5, Insightful) 175

A bunch of small minded people are going to tell you this is impossible, but that's because many people react to new ideas with "I can think of a problem with your idea, therefore it won't work" rather than "let's see how we can make this work".

I think you may well be on to something. It could be the most important thing you do in your life. Explore this further. If you need someone to write some software for it (a web app?), let me know, and I'll contribute.

Comment Re:No Real Conflicts? Really? (Score 1) 528

Your post is (deliberately?) obtuse.

Are you claiming that, with what we know now, that all of the dietary/hygienic instructions in Leviticus are:

  1. Simpler to understand
  2. More effective at achieving their aims

...than the four simple rules I stated above? If they are not, is the reason more likely that an omnipotent God deliberately set down rules that were not as effective as they could be, or that it was written by bronze-age shepherds who didn't know any better?

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